Chapter 463: Imitating Someone Will Bring About Worse Results

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Zhang Baozhen, on the other hand, accepted an interview.
She complained bitterly about her position as the legal wife and how she and her husband had decided to be a ‘dual income, no kids’ couple.
It was not easy for her to maintain her family life, but the mistress kept posing hurdles to her every step of the way.

She even said that she had inquired about Su Bei’s maternity check-up at the hospital.

Zhang Baozhen was indeed targeting Su Bei on purpose.
Anyway, even if Su Bei brought out evidence that the mistress was Lv Shan and not herself, Zhang Baozhen was not afraid.
At most, she would just say that she had accidentally gotten the wrong person.

At that time, the outside world would probably only sympathize with her, the official wife, and not lessen their hatred for Su Bei and Lv Shan.

Zhang Baozhen’s interview caused even greater waves.

Countless reporters and paparazzi were frantically asking about Su Bei.

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These two days, Su Bei reduced her workload and just rested at home.

Initially, Yue Ze was worried that the paparazzi would find out Su Bei’s address.
However, for some reason, the reporters and paparazzi did not manage to find out where Su Bei lived.

Of course, this was all because Lu Heting was too awesome.
He had enforced the security measures in Su Bei’s place a long time ago.
No one would be given a chance to find out where their home was and intrude.

In order to obtain some evidence, Lv Shan had no choice but to go to the hospital to perform a DNA test.
They would extract the amniotic fluid and do a DNA test to confirm that this child had nothing to do with Liang Hanwen.

Yue Ze accompanied Lv Shan to the hospital.

This procedure carried the risk of causing a miscarriage.

There was also a certain degree of humiliation for having to do this.
After all, even though Lv Shan knew with certainty that the child she was carrying was her fiancé’s, she had no choice but to undergo this procedure to give the public an explanation.

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Lv Shan sat on the hospital bench.
She wore a mask, revealing only her haggard eyes.

Her fiancé should have been here to accompany her for this procedure.

However, the couple had been in a cold war ever since they quarreled that day.
He had not contacted Lv Shan at all and did not pick up her calls either.

What could be more cruel and chilling than this?

Yue Ze bought her a hot drink and stood by the side without saying anything.

Lv Shan endured her heartache and said, “Let’s go.
The earlier we check, the earlier we get the evidence.”

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Yue Ze nodded and reached out to support her.

After the examination, the doctor gave the results.
The DNA test done on Lv Shan’s child using the amniotic fluid showed that it was indeed her fiancé’s child.

Seeing this expected result, Lv Shan could only smile bitterly without any joy.

“I’ll go get the car.
Wait for me here.” Yue Ze kept the evidence and put it in his bag.

Lv Shan stood at the side, waiting for Yue Ze.

Zhang Baozhen had already been warned by the police for her abominable actions, so Lv Shan could freely go out and nobody was surrounding her.

However, that did not mean that no one noticed her.

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Cai Anying was the one who spotted Lv Shan.

She was tall and wore flats.
She carried a small bag and swaggered over to Lv Shan.

“Lv Shan, are you here for a prenatal check-up?” Cai Anying asked arrogantly the moment she saw Lv Shan.

She previously had a fight with Su Bei over resources and did not have a good impression of Lv Shan.
Furthermore, Lv Shan was the former lover of her current lover.
When she saw Lv Shan, it could be said that she was reminded of new and old grudges.

Lv Shan glanced at her.
Her face, which resembled Su Bei’s, was really disgusting.

Cai Anying was the perfect example of getting a worse outcome after trying to imitate someone!

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