Chapter 470: Took The Bullet For Me

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She showed the call logs, but in the past four years, there had only been one call.

However, this was enough to establish the problem.
What if they had secretly used other methods to contact each other?

Lv Shan laughed and said, “That’s great, then.
I recorded your husband’s call when he called me that day.
I thought it was necessary for me to record the first time he called me in the past four years.
Everyone, you can listen to it.”

She pressed the play button on her phone.

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Lv Shan’s voice was heard.
One sentence was particularly clear.

“Yes, but we have nothing to do with each other anymore.
What reason do you have to be calling me?”

“I’m calling to advise you to abort the child.
I don’t want my wife to be overly suspicious and suspect that our past relationship has rekindled.
What compensation do you want? Resources or money? You can name anything.”

Liang Hanwen’s voice was cold and merciless.
It seemed that he was taking a very simple and violent approach in order to solve the problem.

Lv Shan rejected him.

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The conversation made everyone think that the situation was unfair to Lv Shan.
She had given her true feelings back then in exchange for the man’s heartlessness four years later.

Hearing this, Zhang Baozhen felt a little uncomfortable.

This call was the final blow that broke her psychological defense.
She thought that her husband and Lv Shan were still privately in contact with each other, but who knew that the contents of their conversation were actually like this?

Was this the husband she had tried so hard not to get snatched by a “mistress”?

Women were sometimes afraid that men were too sentimental.
Other times, they were afraid that men were too heartless.

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At this moment, Lv Shan had already long forgotten about her heartache.
Her conviction was as firm as steel as she took out a DNA test report.

“Everyone, I can tell you with certainty that I have nothing to do with Liang Hanwen anymore.
We already did a DNA test on the child I’m pregnant with using the baby’s amniotic fluid.
The child belongs to my fiancé.

“Having to take out this report made my heart ache.
But I have to do it for myself and my unborn child.
I have to prove my innocence to myself and my child.
My private affairs have been shoved under the spotlight to be judged by everyone today.
It has made me uncomfortable and also caused a huge waste of resources.

“But if I don’t make things clear, my child will always be humiliated and questioned.
They’ll be treated with contempt and ridicule.
This is my burden as a mother and half a public figure.

“I also want to tell everyone that from the beginning to the end, Su Bei was never involved in this matter.
It was only me.
Su Bei is just an artist and a friend who took the bullet for me.

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“Madam Zhang Baozhen, these are the evidence I wanted to show you and the words I wanted you to hear to prove my innocence.
However, you constantly refused to believe me.
You kicked up a fuss and even implicated Su Bei.

“But Su Bei has never done anything you said, nor has she ever met with Mr.
Liang Hanwen, much less has a relationship with him.
I hope that you can solemnly apologize to Su Bei here.”

The reporters immediately started discussing.
“So Zhang Baozhen knew about these things from the start but she never believed Lv Shan and even dragged Su Bei down.”

“It has nothing to do with Su Bei.
Zhang Baozhen going against a mistress is understandable, but it’s a little too much to involve an innocent child and Su Bei.”

“It’s all the man’s fault, but the women were the ones who stepped out to tear each other apart.
Tsk tsk tsk…”

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