her face looks like Su Bei’s.
But her short and thick legs are a far cry from Su Bei’s legs.”

“What kind of ability is this to not rely on yourself but instead rely on others to climb up the ranks?”

“So this is the kind of woman who would step on Su Bei.
She’s even a mistress.
Apart from Su Bei, what kind of despicable people are Qianyu Entertainment producing?”

Cai Anying covered her face.
“Who are you? What are you doing? Get out!”

Although plastic surgery was no longer a taboo, the consequences of her face being discussed by the public and this current scene being photographed by reporters were a completely different matter.

When the reporters heard her shouting, they took even more photos.

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The doctor was in a difficult position.
Zhang Baozhen had barged in in a rage and wanted to give Cai Anying a few slaps.
However, seeing Cai Anying’s crooked face and nose, she could not be bothered to argue with her anymore.

She asked the reporters to leave.

The reporters took photos till they were satisfied.
As they did not want to offend Zhang Baozhen, they all left.

Only then did Cai Anying put down her hands from her face.
She also understood that her relationship with Liang Hanwen had probably been exposed.

She nervously looked at Zhang Baozhen.
“Sister Baozhen…”

“Stop being so hypocritical, Cai Anying.
You’ve been calling me your sister so that you could seduce your brother-in-law, huh?”

“Sister Baozhen, it was really an accident.
Brother-in-law and I made a mistake when we were drunk and wronged you.
I really do treat you like an older sister…” Cai Anying still wanted to deny it.

Zhang Baozhen looked down at her.
“Cai Anying, you’re already dead in my heart!”

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Cai Anying was trembling all over..
Of course, she was aware of Zhang Baozhen’s family background.

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