Chapter 484: She Was Afraid That She Would Cry

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A long time had passed and finally, his wife Su Bei was willing to swipe his card.
This was the first time and marked an important occasion.

This was an extremely meaningful day.

Holding the phone in his hand, Lu Heting’s cold face turned gentle.
The smile on his lips made him look like he was a brand new man.

Lu Hang also saw the message, but he only saw the contents vaguely.
He did not know what was going on, but his heart skipped a beat.
Lu, are you going to buy a bank?”

Actually, it seemed that all of Mr.
Lu’s arrangements recently had something to do with Su Bei.

Hence, which bank would Lu Heting buy for her?

It seemed that he would have to discuss it with Mr.

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Su Bei carefully arranged the clothes that she had bought for Da Bao and Gun Gun into the closet before explaining the situation to Aunt Chen.

Aunt Chen just thought that Su Bei was going on a trip.
Even so, she was worried.

Su Bei had also bought clothes for Lu Heting and put them in his closet.

“Okay, I’m leaving now.” Su Bei picked up her suitcase.

“Aren’t you going to wait for Da Bao and Gun Gun to come back?” Aunt Chen asked.

“No, I won’t see them, lest they find it hard to part with me,” Su Bei said with a smile.
She looked around the house while thinking of Gun Gun and Da Bao.

She did not wait for them to come back.

She was afraid that she would cry.

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She did not often shed tears, but she would definitely cry in front of Da Bao and Gun Gun.

With her luggage, Su Bei drove to the parking lot of Lu Group and called Lu Heting.
“Can we go yet? I’ll wait for you in the parking lot downstairs.”

“I’ll be there soon.” Lu Heting needed to accompany her for a few days, so he had to deal with the company’s matters in advance.

Soon after Su Bei hung up the phone, Lu Heting appeared in front of her.

With a faint smile on his handsome face, he picked up his suitcase and got into her car.

Lu, I’ve arranged your schedule for the next few days.” Su Bei smiled brightly.

“I’m glad.” The corners of Lu Heting’s mouth curved into a smile.

Su Bei looked away and said, “Let’s go!”

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She was about to go to the hospital for a check-up, which meant this was the last few days of her life.

Initially, she did not want to make Lu Heting worry about her, but she wanted to spend her remaining time with him.
She wanted to be with him for the next few days.
She selfishly wanted to be happy in her remaining days.

After getting down from the plane and leaving the airport, they soon arrived at the street where Su Bei and Da Bao used to stay.

“Where are we staying?” Lu Heting raised his eyebrows and asked.

“The apartment Da Bao and I used to live in.”

Lu Heting’s heart skipped a beat when he recalled that he was never around when the two were leading their lives here.

Now, she was letting him get a glimpse into their past.
This woman, what did she want to do?

He could not get rid of the doubt in his heart, but he could not find any useful hints either.

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With Da Bao around, he was sure that she would not run away from him this time.
However, he could not figure out what she wanted to do.

When she passed by a cafe, she pursed her lips.
She really wanted to drink some coffee, but she was afraid that she would suffer from jet lag later.
If she drank it now, she would not be able to fall asleep afterward.

Forget it.
She would drink it after her body had adjusted to the time zone here.

“Wait for me..” Lu Heting told her to wait and placed the luggage beside her.

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