Chapter 498: Don’t Know How To Cherish

“She has always had gastric problems,” Gu Xifeng said honestly.

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“You don’t have to say such things now!” Feng Feifei stopped him.

Hua Cuo frowned and thought for a while.
“All of our guesses are useless.
Let’s go to the hospital tomorrow and wait for her check-up results.”

Lin Yu had already taken out a container of self-heating instant hotpot.
He opened it, stirred it with his chopsticks, and smacked his lips as he said, “This is really the greatest invention in the world.
The delicious food can be heated up and eaten at any time.”

“Lin Stone!” Feng Feifei shouted angrily.
“Su Bei is about to die, yet you still have the mood to eat hotpot?”

“Even if Su Bei is seriously ill, I know she’ll happily tell me, ‘Lin Stone, even if I die, you have to live happily.’ If something really happens to Su Bei, I’ll starve myself to death.
Let’s see if she can rest in peace then.”

“You’ll be stuffed to death!” Feng Feifei pouted.

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Lin Yu wanted to ask Feng Ze if he wanted to eat, but seeing how unapproachable he looked, he knew that it was useless to ask.

In the master bedroom.

Su Bei was still lying on the bed.

Sitting beside her, Lu Heting looked down at her pale face.

The hospital had informed Su Bei to go for a check-up tomorrow, but he did not know what the result would be.

He hated himself for not knowing that Su Bei was sick.

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When she invited him to travel to the United States, he had wondered if she wanted to leave.
He did not expect her to be sick and had no choice but to leave.

Lu Heting held her hand tightly.

On the desk was a letter left by Su Bei.
‘Lu Heting, you deserve a better woman.
Get married soon.
Good luck!’

When Lu Heting picked it up, his eyes darkened.
He was already married, so he would always be loyal to this marriage.
He would never marry another woman.

Nothing was better than the one he had chosen.

He lowered his eyes and suddenly saw countless crumpled-up balls of paper in the rubbish bin.

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It seemed that Su Bei had thrown all of them in there.

He picked one up and opened it.
It was a long letter, but for some reason, Su Bei threw it away.

He read it from beginning to end.

‘Lu Heting, you asked me if I had wanted to come back to you when I found out I was pregnant with Da Bao.
Actually, I did.
You don’t know how stubborn you are.
You always occupied my mind and I couldn’t get rid of you.
Sometimes, I even dreamt of you.

‘But that seems to make sense.
I’ve seen so many drivers but I only remember you alone.
I still chose you in the end and you became Da Bao’s father.

‘After Da Bao was born, you became even more stubborn.
You gave Da Bao a god-like face, and your influence was everywhere in his life.
It’s strange.
I had only seen you a few times and we only knew each other for a short while, but you occupied my mind so often.

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‘But at that time, I didn’t choose to come back.
I really didn’t know how to describe my family to you.
It was also a word that confuses me.
I didn’t know how to get along with my family or you.
So please forgive me for being too young at that time and not knowing how to cherish these things…’

That was the end of the letter.
A part of it was erased, then she threw it away.

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