Chapter 499: A Woman Who Seriously Loves You

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Lu Heting could imagine what she had looked like when she wrote these letters.
She had always been free and easy.
Perhaps she did not want to be hypocritical.

It turned out that she had given him a position in her heart all along.
In the past five years, she often thought of him.

He looked at every word on the letter and slowly calmed himself down.
He understood the fear she had for her family because he had personally experienced it when she was confronted with the Su family.

He did not blame her for the five years of separation.
He only felt sorry for her because she had to endure the sharp swords of her family alone.

Holding the letter in his hand, Lu Heting froze like a statue on this dark night for a long time before finally putting it down.

Lu Heting sat down and picked up another letter.

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‘Lu Heting, I’m sorry.
I didn’t tell you about my illness because I was afraid that you would worry.
I was also afraid that I would make Gun Gun and Da Bao sad.
I just don’t want you to worry about me.

‘In the future, I’ll entrust Da Bao and Gun Gun to you, especially Da Bao.
He’s exactly like you.
On the surface, he looks very powerful and seems to know everything.

‘In reality, he also has a fragile side to him.
He needs someone to love him and take care of his emotions.
He needs you.
I hope that you two will be a loving pair of father and son.’

Su Bei had also tried to erase this letter with an eraser before throwing it away.
Perhaps she thought that Lu Heting already knew Da Bao very well, so she did not need to remind him.

It turned out that she had always understood him just like she understood Da Bao.

It was just that she did not express it…

Lu Heting’s well-defined fingers pinched the letter, leaving imprints on the material.
The piercing sound that followed brought Lu Heting back to his senses.

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There were too many crumpled-up letters.
Lu Heting did not have the heart to read them all.
The feeling of having one less letter after reading each one was heart-wrenching.

However, he could not help himself from reading them.
After all, these letters contained her thoughts.

Lu Heting picked up another letter.

‘Lu Heting, I’m so selfish.
I knew that I was sick, so I brought Da Bao back to see you.
I’m sorry that I left you such a big responsibility without discussing it with you.

‘Please find a woman who loves Da Bao, Gun Gun, and you in the future…’

She did not finish the letter either, but there seemed to be tear stains on it.
Ultimately, Su Bei also threw this letter away.

It was as if Lu Heting could see her tears rolling down her cheeks.
She was not a crybaby.
She usually smiled at him every day.

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When she wrote this letter, however, it was unknown how much pain she felt or how many tears she shed.

Lu Heting’s eyes were also red.
He clenched his teeth tightly, and the muscles on his handsome face were pulled tight.

He could not take it anymore.
He held Su Bei’s hand and said in a low voice, “Su Bei, no one loves Da Bao more than you, Gun Gun, and me.”

More importantly, she was the only person he loved the most.

The night passed.

The people sitting in the living room had a sleepless night.

Lu Heting, who was standing next to Su Bei, did not manage to get any sleep either.

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It was only when the sun was about to rise and she was sleeping soundly that he held his forehead with one hand and took a short nap.

Su Bei opened her eyes and blinked hard..
As she recollected her thoughts, she gradually remembered what had happened yesterday.

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