Chapter 503: Stabbed In The Chest

In the lounge.

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Feng Ze had been supporting his forehead with one hand.
Since he saved Su Bei last night, he had been maintaining this position except when he went to buy milk for her.

At this moment, the sky was bright and clear.
Sunlight pierced through the white clouds, illuminating the land.

But where Feng Ze was, there was a dark cloud that separated him from the rest of the world.

“Lu Heting is taking Su Bei to the consultation room for the results of the examination.
Should I get my brother to go along?” Feng Feifei was a little uncertain now.

“Why don’t we just let him rest? He’s too tired,” Lin Yu said in a low voice.

Feng Feifei sighed.
“My brother isn’t too tired.
He’s just too heartbroken.”

“Of course.
Su Bei was almost met with danger last night, which was a stab in his heart.
When she threw herself into Lu Heting’s arms, it stabbed him again.
Then, Lu Heting took out his marriage certificate, which was the third stab in his heart.
The fourth stab was finding out that Su Bei has late-stage gastric cancer.
He really is strong for surviving this long.” Lin Yu did not know what to say anymore.

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The only way he knew to comfort someone was by asking them if they wanted to eat hotpot.
Feng Ze would definitely reject him.

Feng Feifei sighed and pinched Lin Yu’s sleeve.
“Let’s go and listen to the results.
I won’t get my brother to go.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Feng Ze stood up with a swish.
He was like a dark cloud that dimmed the entire space.

Lin Yu immediately handed him a glass of water.
“Boss, you should drink some water.”

If he did not eat or drink, how could he compete with Lu Heting?

Feng Ze took the glass and seemed to have thought of something.
His long and beautiful fingers exerted a little force.
With a crack, the glass shattered on the floor.
The water and his blood dripped to the floor.


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Feng Ze strode toward the consultation room where Lu Heting and Su Bei were listening to the results of the examination.

Lin Yu shook his head and thought to himself, ‘His close confidant attacked Su Bei, which crossed the boss’ line.
Thank God Su Bei is safe.
Otherwise, all of us would’ve died.’

Lin Yu and Feng Feifei hurriedly followed Feng Ze.

Hua Cuo and Gu Xifeng followed as well.

Lu Heting and Su Bei had just stepped into the consultation room.
While waiting for the results, Lu Heting could not hide his sadness and melancholy no matter what.
He looked at the representatives and doctors with a gloomy look in his eyes.

Feng Ze and the others, who came in soon after, felt their hearts skip a beat when they saw the scene in front of them.

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Feng Feifei pouted, tears welling up in her eyes.

Lin Yu was at a loss for words.

After they all came in, the medical staff led by the director of the hospital all stood up and bowed to them collectively.
They said, “We’re very sorry, Miss Su.
We were careless before and misdiagnosed you.”

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

There was a moment of silence.

The tension in the air gradually cracked and broke apart.

The atmosphere immediately lightened.

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However, their doubts and worries still remained.

Lin Yu was the first to break the silence.
“What do you mean? What misdiagnosis?”

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