Chapter 507: Like A Melting Iceberg

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Otherwise, Lu Heting might personally strangle the candidate she selected.


Su Bei shrank her head and said, “Yes.
Doctor Craig said that I still had a year left to live.
How would I dare to be together with you? I just wanted to hand Da Bao to you as soon as possible.
Plus, there was Gun Gun too.
I only thought about saving enough money for their education and living expenses to last them until they turned 18.
I didn’t dare to think about anything else.”

When she was talking about these things now, her attitude was much better.
She didn’t have any worries at all.

Lu Heting, on the other hand, was very upset.
Before this, he never knew why she was always avoiding him.

As her husband, he had been too careless.

Su Bei chuckled and said, “After eating, I’ll shop till I drop.
I’ve been working so hard to save up money recently.
I haven’t bought anything for myself in a long time.”

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“Of course.”

“Also, I want to eat a lot of food.
Hotpot, roast lamb kebabs, barbecue, and grilled fish…”

“We’ll eat them all.”

Lu Heting stopped in his tracks.
“No, you can’t eat those things until your stomach ulcer is healed.”

Then will you eat those foods with me afterward?”


“Lu Heting, you’re so cold.
You always respond with one word.”

Lu Heting lowered his eyes and took a whiff of her scent.
“Because I prefer doing other things.”

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Su Bei gave him a light punch and said, “When I get back, I’ll call President Tang.
From now on, I have to rethink my career path.
I’ll take on both short-term and long-term jobs from now on.
Not only do I have to make money, but I also have to develop my career well.
After all, I have sons and a husband to take care of.”

“Don’t work too hard.
I can just eat less.” Lu Heting looked at her.
If she wanted to do something she liked, he would always support her and accompany her.

However, he didn’t want her to feel too much pressure.

Su Bei smiled.
“But I have two sons who are still growing up.
As their mother, I must give them the best lives!”

Lu Heting smiled.
She treated Gun Gun as her own son.
It was her kindness that made him want to love her more.

“Do you want to come to Di Xing Media?”

It was an entertainment industry under Lu Group.
If she joined them, she would be better looked after.

“I’ve thought about it before but I won’t go over.
President Tang and Yue Ze treated me very well in the past.
They even gave me a three-month contract period that allowed me to accumulate a large amount of wealth in a short time.
If I were really sick, I would have had to owe them this favor even after death.
Fortunately, I’m not sick.
If I run away to another company as soon as I found out I’m healthy, how immoral would I be?”

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Lu Heting nodded.

Su Bei was really hungry.
Lu Heting saw a suitable restaurant on the way, so he put her down and went in with her.
They ordered some food to fill her stomach.

Seeing that Su Bei was eating happily, the smile on Lu Heting’s face widened.
His cold face melted like an iceberg.

“Have you been busy recently?” Su Bei asked with a smile.

“It’s fine.” Lu Heting was always busy with his work, but he didn’t mind stretching himself thin for her.

“If you’re not busy, can we stay for a real trip? I’ll be your guide.
Let’s have fun for a few more days.”

Lu Heting’s eyes lit up.
“That sounds like a good plan.”


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The next few days were a rare time for Lu Heting and Su Bei to relax.

Su Bei was famous in S Country, so it was not convenient for her to go out..
Besides, her relationship with Lu Heting was still unstable then, so she could not appear in public with him without any worries.

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