Chapter 514: Are You In Love?

Only then did Su Bei stop and stand up.
She had been so focused that she didn’t know how much time had passed.

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She looked at Director Gibson.
He still had that same smile on his face.
She couldn’t tell if he liked her performance or not.
His smile was like his mask.

“Su Bei, what tune did you play just now? I’ve never heard it before.
It’s very nice.” Director Gibson shifted into a comfortable sitting position.

“This? I improvised it.
It was an expression of the state of my mind just now.”

Director Gibson sat up straight.
This was amazing!

He had thought that the tune Su Bei played earlier was a professionally produced piece as it had the ability to make the audience immerse themselves in the music.
He didn’t expect that Su Bei had casually made it up on the spot.

The director had already been convinced by Su Bei, but this answer made him even more determined to get her.

Fortunately, he had recorded the tune she played just now.

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It was so wonderful.
Only a woman who was in love would have such a wonderful experience and form of expression.

“Are you in love?” Director Gibson asked.

The staff was used to his unusual behavior.

But only Su Bei knew that this director had sharp eyes.
He was indeed an excellent director.
He could see her inner thoughts from her reaction.

She openly admitted, “Yes, I’ve found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

No wonder.
Director Gibson smiled and said, “Congratulations on finding such love.
You can head back first.
I’ll inform your manager when the time comes.”

“Thank you.”

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Seeing that he didn’t make his decision on the spot, Su Bei didn’t know if she had been chosen.

However, there were many good supermodels auditioning today.
It was reasonable for Director Gibson to want to see more of them.

But what she didn’t know was that she had been in the room for almost 15 minutes.

What was more, Director Gibson had directly rejected the other models.
This time, he said to Su Bei that he would notify her manager of his decision.

Actually, she had already been chosen but Su Bei was not familiar with Director Gibson’s working style yet.

He had to finish the audition so that he could recommend the other models to his fellow director friends.
He was always good at making use of time and opportunities.

Zhong Xiu and Zhu Fenfen were still looking at their watches.
“What is Su Bei doing?”

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Zhong Xiu said angrily, “Is she thinking of playing tricks and seducing the director?”

“It’s really hard to say.
I heard from Sister Huixian that Su Bei is the best at this sort of thing.
She always flirts with men when she sees them…” Zhu Fenfen began gossiping.

Finally, Hao Jiali couldn’t help looking at the time on her phone.

Finally, Su Bei came out.

As soon as she walked out, she took out her phone and called Lu Heting.
She didn’t want him to wait too long.

“The result isn’t known yet,” Su Bei said into the phone.
“The director still needs to audition the other candidates.”

When the other models heard Su Bei’s words, they were secretly relieved.
Fortunately, there was still a chance.

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It seemed that although Su Bei was a perfect model, it would not be easy for her to succeed in getting an advertisement job.
After all, she didn’t have any acting skills.

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