Chapter 519: Chapter 529 My Son Is More Important Than My Brother

Lu Heting watched with disgust as his brother’s saliva and snot stained his clothes.
He kicked him and asked, “What happened?”

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“No matter what happens, I’ll always be with my brother!” Lu Weijian clenched his fists and gritted his teeth with determination.

Su Bei showed up a few steps later than Lu Heting.
She was wearing Lu Heting’s coat, leisurely eating candied hawthorn and drinking milk tea.
Of course, she was not as tall as Lu Heting but her legs were long.
In just a few steps, she arrived at her house.

When she heard Lu Weijian’s loud cries, she tossed away the food in her hands that she had almost finished and rushed toward her house.

What happened? Weren’t Da Bao and Gun Gun sitting on the sofa? Why was Lu Weijian hugging Lu Heting and talking about such things? Did something terrible happen?

Seeing Su Bei appear at the door, Da Bao was a little stunned.
He quickly ran toward her.
She bent down and hugged him.

Da Bao finally burst into tears.
He wrapped his arms around Su Bei’s neck and sobbed silently.

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He had always kept his feelings to himself.
It was rare for him to act like this.
Su Bei’s heart ached for him.
She hurriedly asked, “Da Bao, what’s wrong?”

Gun Gun reacted as well.
He rushed over to Su Bei and hugged her.
He instantly burst into tears.

Aunt Chen also kept wiping her eyes.

With Da Bao already in her arms, Su Bei reached out to hug Gun Gun as well.
However, she did not manage to hug him.
She was so anxious that she was about to cry.
What had happened to her two precious sons when she was not around?

Finally, Lu Heting couldn’t stand Lu Weijian anymore.
He kicked him away, bent down, and picked up the three of them.
Then, he put them all on the sofa.
His eyes were full of heartache.

Lu Weijian followed him, lay on the carpet, and hugged Lu Heting’s thigh.
He successfully became an accessory.

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Lu Heting kicked him away and said, “Aren’t you going to explain yet?”

“My sister-in-law Bei Bei has gastric cancer…” Lu Weijian finally said.

“Where did you hear that? And why did you tell them?” Lu Heting kicked him again.

Su Bei’s heart also ached.
It turned out that the two munchkins found out about her illness.
She hurriedly comforted them in a low voice.
“It’s okay, my babies.
I’m really fine.”

“We found out from Bei Bei’s letter…” Tears continued to stream down Lu Weijian’s face.
Although Su Bei was here now, who knew how long she could be here for?

It was only then that Su Bei said in surprise, “You saw those? They aren’t for you to read at this time.
No, actually, those letters are useless now.
I’m not sick.
I’m fine…”

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It was all her fault.
Those letters had caused them to misunderstand.
She smacked her forehead and quickly explained to Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Lu Heting didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
He said, “It was a misdiagnosis.”

“Misdiagnosis? Don’t try to comfort me! Misdiagnosis?” Lu Weijian jumped up.
“Misdiagnosis? Does that mean that Bei Bei is fine?”

Lu Heting took out the document that acknowledged the misdiagnosis and the compensation statement from the doctor.
Lu Weijian hurriedly reached out to take it, but Lu Heting stepped aside and handed it to Da Bao instead.

Well, his son was naturally more important than his brother.
Lu Weijian was not jealous.

“Can you understand it?” Lu Heting asked Da Bao.

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Da Bao took it and quickly scanned through the key information on it.
After a while, he finally looked relieved and said to Gun Gun, “Xiao Bei is not sick.
She won’t be leaving us.”

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