Chapter 574: Feelings Of Resistance

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They had always loved that little girl and never once forgotten her.
As long as there were any clues, they would do anything they could to search for her.

In the end, she still could not have her parents’ love all to herself.

At the thought of this, Tang Yue’s heart was in turmoil.
She reached out and hit the tap heavily, causing water to splash all over the bathroom.
The entire mirror was blurry now, and her face was reflected on it.

The incident with Su Bei caused a huge commotion and even her life experiences were revealed.
It got her a lot of sympathy and caused her popularity to increase by more than ten times.

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The judging panel finally had nothing to say.
They abandoned their previous opinions of Su Bei and pretended that nothing had happened.

As for how the selection would turn out, it would all depend on the data and individual results.
Once the official announcement of Dream Jewelry was released, Su Bei would gain a big advantage.

It was also because of the incident that Su Huixian was eliminated from the running.
Even so, her fans said that she had nothing to do with the matter.
Su Huixian also did an interview to express her regret for her parents’ actions, making herself out to still be innocent.
After all, she had not done anything.

According to her, she only appeared at the scene to stop her parents from hurting Su Bei.
Furthermore, she had no power to stop them from changing her age.

Other than being mocked by the crowd, no one had any strong evidence to prove that she was in the wrong.
However, the fact that she was the daughter of a mistress was already established and proven true.

Her reputation and the Su family’s history were indeed terrible.
It was normal that the judges eliminated her from the selection.

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Moreover, they were in the midst of voting and her numbers had plummeted.
Her elimination was inevitable.

From the moment she wanted to use those means to kick Su Bei out of the game, her defeat was already destined!

Due to this huge matter, Madam Lu came to visit Su Bei and her two grandsons.

However, she still had some complaints about Su Bei.

Lu Corporation had always kept a low profile, and Lu Weijian was the only one who kept a high profile.
However, he was never out of line either.
It just so happened that Su Bei had gotten herself involved in so many scandals in just a month.

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It was unknown how much resources and ability her son had spent to successfully solve the issues.
When she thought of how her son was spending all his energy on cleaning up Su Bei’s mess, Madam Lu felt anxious.

Initially, when Su Bei withdrew from the industry previously, Madam Lu was very happy and planned to officially accept Su Bei.
Now that this matter happened, her emotions grew even more conflicting.

She rang the doorbell.

Gun Gun was the one who opened the door.
He ran with extra strength on his short legs.
When he saw Madam Lu, he called out sweetly, “Grandma!”

Aunt Chen quickly wiped her hands and poured some tea.
“Madam, you’re here.
Please have some tea.”

“Where are they?” Madam Lu asked unhappily when she saw that there was only Gun Gun at home.

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“Big Brother Da Bao went to attend a training class, and Daddy accompanied Bei Bei out,” Gun Gun said obediently, “I’m at home alone.
I’ll wait for them to come back obediently.”

Lu’s heart ached.
“What’s going on? How could they leave my grandson alone at home?”

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