Chapter 583: You Actually Know Me?

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The young man was wearing a mask.
He walked to Old Master Tang without a word.

Old Master Tang was anxious.
Could it be that this young man was going to take something out? Was this man going to take advantage of the fact that he was old, weak, and sick to attack him?

“Grandpa, shush!” A clear voice sounded from the mask.
It was a female voice.

Old Master Tang fixed his gaze on her and saw a pair of familiar eyes.
They were clear and exceptionally quick-witted.
However, the mask covered her other facial features, making it difficult to tell who she was.

“Let me help you up first!” She held onto Old Master Tang.
“I’ll call the ambulance for you.
Did you think I wanted to snatch your phone?”

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She couldn’t help but laugh.
It was pleasant and clear as a wind chime.

Old Master Tang was convinced by her laughter and realized he was being petty.

He smiled and said, “Sigh, I fell down just now and couldn’t help but overthink things.
Little girl, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She pulled the mask away, revealing her small and beautiful face.
Her eyes looked like the first rays of the sun in winter, illuminating people with warmth.

“Su… Su Bei?” Only then did Old Master Tang see clearly that the woman in front of him was Su Bei.

No wonder he had mistaken her for a boy just now.
After all, she was taller than most boys.

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It was no wonder he found her eyes and voice familiar just now.
It was just that he usually saw her on television.
He just felt that she looked familiar and didn’t dare to confirm it.

At that moment, Old Master Tang couldn’t control his emotions.
When he thought about how his granddaughter, whom he had missed for over 20 years, was now in front of him, tears welled up in his eyes.

Su Bei was very surprised to see him say her name.
She then smiled happily.
Her smile was bright and full of vitality.
“Grandpa, you actually know me? Do you usually watch fashion shows? I thought only young people know me.”

Seeing how happy she was, Old Master Tang wondered if Tang Yue had introduced him to her before.
Even if she had seen the photo, she would probably have forgotten about it.
After all, she still hated the entire Tang family.

He didn’t dare to directly expose his identity, afraid that he would scare Su Bei away.
He could only control the palpitating emotions in his heart and said with a smile, “I can be considered a fan of yours.
I know a lot about you.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Su Bei was really happy to meet a senior fan like him and bowed to him.

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Then, a crowd with phones and cameras ran forward.
“Su Bei seems to have gone that way!”

“Let’s hurry over!”

“Follow her!”

Su Bei quickly lowered her head and leaned against Old Master Tang’s arm as if she was avoiding that group of people.

Old Master Tang finally understood why she had acted so sneakily when she picked up his phone.

It was purely because she was hiding from others and was planning to escape at any time.
It caused him to have the misconception that she wanted to take advantage of the situation to snatch his phone and run away.

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However, even though she was being followed, she still stayed and helped him sit down when she realized that he could not move his legs.

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