Chapter 58: Chapter 58 Pay Me Back For What You Owe Me

“Thank you, Mr.
Mike!” Su Bei said gratefully.

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She got the chance to be a replacement!

As long as she could go backstage to make preparations, Su Huixian would definitely not be able to stand on the stage!

In the past, Su Bei didn’t want to deal with her.
But now, everything was different!

‘Su Huixian, you have to pay me back for what you owe me.’

With the consent of Mr.
Mike, Su Bei felt much better.

She also had a plan in her mind.

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She went to the supermarket and bought a lot of delicious food.
She was in a good mood.
She planned to pick up Lin Moli and Da Bao and cook a hearty meal for them!

When she was busy cooking in the kitchen, the doorbell rang.
Su Bei felt a little strange.
Did they come back before she called Lin Moli?

She happily opened the door, “Moli, Da Bao!”

As soon as the door was opened, she saw the impeccable face of Lu Heting.

He lowered his eyes, which were as deep as the sea, and said, “Su Bei, I want to talk to you face to face.”

Therefore, he directly came to her house without her permission, and even brought Gun Gun here together.

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Looking at the sleeping child in his arms, Su Bei hesitated for a while and let him in.
“Then come in.
Let’s talk about this inside.”

It was a good chance to make everything clear before she took Da Bao back.

Lu Heting held Gun Gun and walked into the room.
He took off his shoes and Su Bei gave the slippers to him.

He sat on the sofa very naturally.

Su Bei poured him a glass of water and sat down opposite him.

“Su Bei, Gun Gun is my son.
But he is just an accident.
I have nothing to do with his mother.
His mother stole my things and made a test-tube baby for herself.”

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Lu Heting’s voice was calm and cold when he mentioned Gun Gun’s mother, as if he was talking about a stranger.

Every word he said was true, and it was also the first time that he spoke it out to the people outside the Lu family.

“Besides, that woman has died in a car accident.”

Frowning slightly, Su Bei thought, ‘Really? What a coincidence.’

She leaned against the sofa.
Her long curly chestnut hair hanging loose on her shoulders.
She was as lazy as a kitten, with a smile on her lips.

Su Bei said in a low voice, “But Gun Gun said you have a wife, Mr.
Although I have the idea to be with you again, I don’t want to be an immoral mistress.
I believe that Mr.
Lu also doesn’t want to be an irresponsible man, right?”

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Lu Heting’s attention was focused on the sentence “although I have the idea to be with you again.” The coldness in his eyes seemed to be dissolving and then there was a tenderness in his eyes.

Was this the real reason why she came back this time?

“Su Bei…” Lu Heting spoke again.
This time, he said eagerly and calmly.

However, before he could finish his words, Gun Gun, who was in his arms, opened his sleepy eyes.
His little fat hands rubbed his eyes and saw Su Bei sitting opposite him.
He blurted out, “Bei Bei, have you come to see me?”

He jumped out of his daddy’s arms, and navigated around the tea table.
Then he jumped into Su Bei’s arms with his short legs.
He smiled happily and said, “I knew Bei Bei would come to see me!”

Su Bei wrapped her arms around Gun Gun.
She really liked this little cute boy, no matter whose son he was.

She hugged him and rubbed him for a while before she realized that she got too intimate to the kid.

But Gun Gun still held her tightly.
He liked her very much.
His little head rubbed against her body, just like a kitten.

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