Chapter 590: Wanting To Work Hard

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[It doesn’t matter if she bought them or not.
Anyway, it’s best if she doesn’t win the award tonight.
If she does…] Jian Ping typed a line of words.

Hao Jiali kept her phone.
She had already heard from Jian Ping that if Su Bei won the award tonight, Tang Yue would announce an explosive piece of news

It was said that this news would cause Su Bei’s win to be questioned.

However, as Tang Yue was the vice president, she only revealed a small part of the information.
Jian Ping and Hao Jiali could not get to the bottom of it, so they did not know what she was going to announce.
Hence, they were extremely curious.

Now, Hao Jiali could only wait and see what Tang Yue would announce.

After Su Bei was done taking photos, she was led to a seat next to Hao Jiali by the emcee.
As the two of them worked in the same company and were both popular candidates this year, they were seated together.

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After a while, Su Huixian entered as well.

Despite being affected by so many things, she still insisted on coming.
She did not want to lose her status, nor did she want to be forgotten by the audience.

Infamy was still fame no matter what.
When she appeared, she caused a small ruckus.

There was no way she could wash away the fact that she was the daughter of a mistress now.
Even so, she could not be bothered by it anymore.
As long as there was attention, anything was better than staying at home.

To a certain extent, this was the law of survival that people in the entertainment industry relied on.

Her seat was next to Su Bei.

When she saw Su Bei, she greeted her with a smile as if nothing had happened.

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In her heart, however, Su Huixian was filled with jealousy and hatred.
She clenched her fists tightly.
She had lost all her reputation while Su Bei was in the limelight, her fame far exceeding hers.

She wanted to see if the people who were suppressed by Su Bei previously would play a trick on her tonight.
If there was a good show to watch, then she coming here while enduring the humiliation wouldn’t be in vain.

Su Bei had only sat down for a while when Yue Ze came over and brought her a woolen jacket.

It was already winter.
Although there was a heater in the venue, her hands were still cold.

“Thank you, Brother Yue Ze.” Su Bei took the jacket.

“I’m just following orders.
The jacket has been delivered, so my mission is completed.” Yue Ze adjusted his glasses and smiled.

Su Bei knew that Lu Heting was the one who got him to send it over.

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Lu Heting was in a corner, sitting in a row where no one important was sitting.
The seat was farther back, so there were almost no cameras around.

Su Bei’s heart ached for him.
However, with her current status, she was not qualified to attend such events with her family.
Therefore, she wanted to work hard and get into a higher position so that she could give him a proper status.
That way, he could appear together with her.

As Su Bei was deep in thought, she didn’t pay attention to anything else.

She then sent a WeChat message to Yue Ze.
[Has Tang Yue made a move?]

Yue Ze replied honestly.
[Not yet.]

Su Bei had already told Tang Xinru and Yue Ze what Lu Heting told her.

They were just as worried as Su Bei, so Tang Xinru was present today to watch Tang Yue’s every move.

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However, if Tang Yue wanted to expose something, Tang Xinru could not stop her completely.
She could only get Yue Ze to contact many marketing accounts and public accounts..
As long as they had any news, they would immediately spend money to get them on their side.

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