Chapter 601: I’ll Miss You

Lu Heting knew that she had built a self-defense mechanism for herself after getting hurt once.
It was precisely because she was afraid of being hurt again that she appeared to be indifferent.

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His heart ached.
He could only do his best to accompany Su Bei more.

Actually, the elders of the Tang Family had wanted to acknowledge Su Bei for a long time.
It was just that Tang Yue had been making things difficult for them, causing all sorts of twists and turns.

As for Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian, how could they suspect that their most beloved daughter, Tang Yue, was capable of thinking up such schemes?

It had been decided that Su Bei would be on the cover of the new issue of Beauty Magazine.
It just so happened that they had sent a notice to ask Su Bei to shoot it in the north.
They would take some photos with the snow as the background.

The north of S Country had always been extremely cold.
During winter, the temperature outside could be as low as -10 degrees Celsius.
It was also because of this that it had the most unparalleled winter scenery.

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Su Bei packed her winter coat in her suitcase.
Lu Heting bought her the thickest down jacket and was packing it for her.

“I already have two suitcases.
If you keep getting more things, I might end up with three,” Su Bei reminded him in amusement as he kept stuffing things into the suitcase.

“Three isn’t a lot.
It’s very cold over there.
If there’s an outdoor shoot, you must keep yourself warm.” Lu Heting felt that this was not enough.

Su Bei put her hand into his pocket and said, “That’s enough.
I’ll only be shooting for three days, at most.
I don’t need to change my coat every day.”

“It won’t be enough as long as you’re not by my side.
I can’t go with you this time, so you have to prepare everything you need.
Hats, coats, thermal clothes, and warm patches… I’ve put them all here.
When you go out, don’t ignore the cold temperature just for the sake of elegance.”

Su Bei smiled.
“Okay, Mommy Lu.”

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Lu Heting flicked her on the head.
“Good girl, listen to me.

“I definitely will!”

As it was nearing the end of the year, there were many things that Lu Heting had to handle so he could not accompany Su Bei there.

His mother was the only one in the Lu family, and his grandparents were getting on in years.
He couldn’t push all the work to them, and naturally, he couldn’t push all the work to Lu Weijian either.
He had an entertainment company and gaming company to manage.
He was even busier than him at the end of the year.

Su Bei hugged his waist.
“I’ll miss you.”

“Me too.” Lu Heting buried his head in her shoulder and sniffed her hair.
His thoughts seemed to have flown away.

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Xiao Bai, Yue Ze, and another assistant were supposed to accompany Su Bei to the north.

However, Yue Ze had an official matter to attend to.

This time, Old Master Tang was also on the same plane as Su Bei.
He had followed Su Bei here.

When Su Bei became one of the top ten models of the year, Old Master Tang could not help but want to acknowledge her.

It was Tang Xinru who seemingly unintentionally reminded him.
“If you acknowledge Su Bei now, will the outside world think that you contributed to her award?”

“Of course not! The children of the Tang family never do such things!” After Old Master Tang violently rebutted, he immediately understood the meaning behind Tang Xinru’s words.
Therefore, he suppressed his desire to publicly acknowledge Su Bei.
It also stopped Tang Yue from proceeding with her plots.

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Even though he was anxious, he had to take it slow.

He just didn’t know if Su Bei already knew of his existence.

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