Chapter 603: Can Only Panic

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“It’s okay, I’m mentally prepared.” Su Bei curled her lips and looked calm.
She was well aware of the various risks a model had to face.

Going along with the demands during a shoot was very common.
Filming a summer scene in a short skirt in winter, wearing a thick coat in summer, and filming a winter scene in summer was all normal.

Xiao Bai walked out with Su Bei.

The temperature was below -10 degrees Celsius, and the air was freezing.
It was fine in the warm room of the hotel, but when they were outdoors, if not for their hats and masks, their faces would have become frozen.

Xiao Bai quickly straightened her hat and accompanied Su Bei to the photographer, Huang Zhixian.

“We can start now!” Huang Zhixian said.
“Su Bei, it’s a little cold today.
Hang in there.”

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“No problem, Mr.
Huang.” Su Bei made an ‘okay’ gesture.

Huang Zhixian picked up the camera, and the rest of the staff came forward to cooperate.

Su Bei took off her thick coat.
She was only wearing a thin silver-white dress underneath, which exposed herself to the snow.

Even the others, who were wearing hats and masks, felt cold and they had to squint their eyes due to the wind.
Su Bei was dressed so thinly, but she still had a smile on her face.
Her expression did not change at all as she followed Huang Zhixian’s instructions.

She displayed her most professional attitude and did not even change her expression.
It was as if she was on a set and everything was done by props.

Old Master Tang watched from afar with a deep frown on his face.
He never expected that it would be so difficult to be in this industry.

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As he watched Su Bei suffer, his heart felt extremely terrible.

As if seeing what he was going to do, the driver standing at the side said, “Old Master, this is Miss Su Bei’s job.
If you go and interfere, they might have to reshoot.”

Only then did Old Master Tang stop in his tracks and look into the distance.
However, in his heart, he was certain that Su Bei and the person Tang Yue described were not the same!

If Su Bei could even endure this kind of hardship, why would she need Tang Yue to hint to her that she wanted her to win an award?

Moreover, she won the prestigious award in S Country with her own capabilities.
Her capabilities and character were completely linked.

Before long, the shoot had already gone on for 15 minutes.
Su Bei’s lips had changed color.
The weather was too cold, and her hair was covered in a thin layer of ice.

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Xiao Bai hugged her clothes and said, “Mr.
Huang, let’s have Su Bei rest for a while.
Let’s rest before continuing.”

“Why are you panicking? There are so many people here to take photos of her.
Who’s going to be responsible if we waste time?”

“But everyone is fully clothed for the cold weather while Su Bei is the only one wearing a thin layer of clothing.
If this goes on, she’ll freeze,” Xiao Bai said with heartache.

“The money she’s taking for this job is many times more than ours, young lady,” Huang Zhixian said, unmoved.
“You’re just a small assistant with a salary of a few thousand yuan.
Why should you feel bad for a supermodel who can earn millions in just two days?”

Xiao Bai felt that what he said made no sense.
However, she could not refute it at the moment and could only grip her clothes anxiously.

Su Bei was feeling extremely cold.
The weather in this place was really too cold.
She thought that everything would be done in ten minutes.

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