Chapter 611: Your Grandfather

At this point, nothing was more important than keeping her warm.

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Su Bei let him dress her up until she looked like a bear.
Then, she went downstairs happily.

With her husband pampering her, it was a blessing to be dressed like a bear.

When she reached the cafe, Su Bei chose a seat and sat down.
She took off her jacket and ordered a cup of coffee for herself.

After a while, a hale and hearty old man appeared in the cafe.
Su Bei recognized him.
“Grandpa, you’re here too? What a coincidence!”

“Yes, I came here specifically to see you.” Old Master Tang smiled and sat down.

Su Bei then realized that he was the old man on the phone and the person who helped her out yesterday.

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“Please take a seat.
Thank you so much for helping me yesterday.”

Old Master Tang looked at Su Bei in front of him and showed a trace of affection.
This woman in front of him was not even two years old when she left home.
In the blink of an eye, she was already slender and elegant.

Su Bei noticed the abnormality in his eyes and looked at him.
“Grandpa, is there anything else you want from me?”

“Su Bei…” Old Master Tang took out two photos and placed them in front of her.

Su Bei took them suspiciously and looked at them.
One photo was of a child being carried by an unfamiliar woman.
The other was of the child being carried by her adoptive mother, Chen Xiuzhu.
At that time, Chen Xiuzhu must have adopted her not long after the first photo was taken, so the child looked very similar.

Su Bei recognized the photo.
It was the photo Lu Heting had shown her before.
He told her that she was a child from the Tang family.

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Hence, Su Bei had a trace of doubt on her face.

Old Master Tang gently nodded.
“Su Bei, my surname is Tang.
I’m your grandfather.”

Although she already knew that she was a member of the Tang family, Su Bei had never really understood the Tang family’s structure and family situation.
When Old Master Tang suddenly came over to announce his identity, Su Bei revealed a trace of surprise and was even more confused.

After a while, she finally came to her senses and accepted the fact that Old Master Tang was her grandfather.

“Su Bei, we’ve let you down.
We made you lose your home at such a young age.
If it weren’t for the conflict between you and the Su family, we wouldn’t have been able to confirm your identity.
However, after seeing that photo and confirming the information from the orphanage you were adopted from, we can confirm that you’re the child the Tang family lost.” Old Master Tang felt especially guilty as he looked at Su Bei.
Tears immediately welled up in his turbid eyes.

Su Bei’s heart was also surging with emotions.
However, because of Tang Yue’s existence and what she had almost done to her, Su Bei could not open her heart to the Tang Family in the meantime.

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She had always wanted to be close to her family but was afraid of being hurt…

Old Master Tang placed his aged hand on the back of Su Bei’s hand.
“Child, come home.
Your parents and I miss you very much.”

“I…” Su Bei hesitated.

Ever since Old Master Tang met Su Bei, he had a better understanding of her and knew that she wasn’t the person Tang Yue had described.

However, Old Master Tang thought that there was a misunderstanding between Tang Yue and Su Bei, which resulted in their animosity.

In order to prevent the two sisters from having more conflicts in the future, Old Master Tang did not mention what Tang Yue had told the Tang Family.

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Even so, he could understand Su Bei’s concerns.

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