Chapter 617: Be More Steady

However, Da Bao and Feng Ze shared a deep relationship.
Besides, Feng Ze was seriously injured now.
Su Bei could not selfishly stop them from meeting.

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Lu Heting understood and agreed.

However, when he thought of how she had disappeared without a word five years ago, he felt a sense of loss that he could not get rid of.

She was even choosing to leave with Da Bao this time…

It was as if he had returned to the time when she did not care about him at all.

“Then, shall I bring you along?” Su Bei probed.
The gloomy look on the man made her reluctant and made her heart ache.

However, she regretted her words immediately.
Lu Heting had already taken a long leave for her before this.
This trip to Europe would last ten days!

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Unexpectedly, the moment she asked that, Lu Heting replied firmly, “Okay.”

His expression was relaxed, and it was as if the sun had cleared away the haze on his face.

“…” Su Bei had never seen a man change his attitude faster than a child.

He was almost 30 years old.
‘Lu Heting, be more mature.’

Su Bei pushed the suitcase to him.
“Then go and pack.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting immediately went to pack up his luggage, his mood lifted.

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“If we leave all of a sudden, what about Gun Gun? I really can’t bear to leave him alone.” When Su Bei thought of Gun Gun’s lonely face, she couldn’t help feeling sad for a while.

“We’ll send him to the old residence,” said Lu Heting.

It was because Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu had long wanted to see Gun Gun.
If Lu Heting didn’t send Gun Gun over, they might personally come over to snatch him away, so this time, he could only arrange it this way.

Actually, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu were equally eager to see Da Bao.
However, they had never seen Da Bao before, so their feelings for Gun Gun were deeper because they had interacted with him before.

Su Bei could only go along with this arrangement.
After all, Gun Gun was not her biological child.
Even if she wanted to bring Gun Gun Gun overseas with her, she could not force Mrs.
Lu to disagree.

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Su Bei went overseas this time to go to four different places to participate in the interviews for Fashion Week.

The four most famous fashion shows in the world were in New York, Paris, London, and Milan.

Every year, in February and March, it was the autumn and winter fashion weeks.
In September and October, it was the spring and summer fashion weeks.

Su Bei did not participate in the spring and summer fashion weeks because of her illness.
This time, she naturally would not give up on the autumn and winter fashion weeks.

The four major fashion weeks always produced fashion icons.
Every year, there would be famous brands attending fashion week and various fashion buyers.
Celebrities of all levels would also attend the fashion shows.
This was the world’s top fashion show venue, and it was also the highest level show venue for every supermodel.

Therefore, Su Bei took this opportunity very seriously to improve herself.

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Hence, she was fully prepared for the interviews.

Lu Heting and Da Bao were accompanying her this time, so she did not go with Yue Ze and Xiao Bai.
She also did not want Da Bao to be photographed as it would disrupt his normal life.

For these fashion week interviews, all the famous supermodels—both local and overseas—were mobilized and headed to the four places together.
The media was also doing a lot of publicity and reporting.

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