Chapter 623: She’s My Granddaughter

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After all, the other reporters did not want to offend an elder with so much power in the industry, so they stopped their inappropriate discussions.

However, this could not stop their wild imaginations.

Old Master Tang approached Su Bei and looked around.

There were many doubts in everyone’s eyes.

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Su Bei did not expect Old Master Tang to personally come and pick her up.

Old Master Tang then said to the crowd, “Everyone knows that Su Bei is not a member of the Su family.
The previous scandal has clarified this point.
Now, I want to tell everyone that Su Bei is a member of the Tang family and my granddaughter!”

When Old Master Tang said that, someone remembered something and said, “Oh, I remember.
Many years ago, the Tang family lost a little girl.
It was Old Master Tang’s youngest granddaughter.
Could Su Bei be the missing little girl?”

A few older reporters had an impression of this.
“I remember now too.
Back then, my editor-in-chief told me about it when I first entered the industry but the Tang Family never found this child.
Have they found her now?”

Someone immediately took out his phone and said, “Look, these are the photos left behind by the Tang family and the photo taken by the Su family.
The two little girls in the photos are really the same person!”

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Old Master Tang waited for everyone to look for the evidence on their own before saying, “You’re right.
Back then, the Tang family lost our granddaughter, Su Bei.
The little girl that our Tang family has been looking for for 20 years is Su Bei.
The heavens took pity on us, and we finally found her.
So, I’d like to ask how those false rumors were spread?”

The reporters’ faces turned red.
Old Master Tang was interrogating them.
The little scandal had blown up, but the people responsible for it couldn’t find any solid evidence.

Old Master Tang said loudly, “Su Bei is my biological granddaughter.
I’ve only recently found out about it, but I haven’t taken her home yet.
I can tell you that the rumors about her are all untrue! Not only did Su Bei not rely on anyone to get her resources but she didn’t even rely on me! Whether it’s the four fashion shows or other jobs, she fought for them herself.”

The reporters nodded their heads.
They believed Old Master Tang’s words.

Since Su Bei was a member of the Tang family, why would she need to rely on her body to climb up the ladder?

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Even if the Tang family did help Su Bei get those resources, so what? Was it wrong for her family to help her fight for resources?

After knowing that Su Bei was a child of the Tang family, everyone seemed to be more cautious of their words and behavior.
No matter how they looked at her now, she looked like a rich young lady.
Even though she was also a rich young lady before, it was terrifying how people could be so easily influenced.
They only believed in what they thought and not the truth.

“What rumors about an old man? I hope this is the last time I hear about them! As Su Bei’s grandfather, I don’t wish to see such unfounded gossip!” Old Master Tang was very protective of Su Bei.

The reporters immediately made way for them to leave..

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