Chapter 62: Chapter62 Invitation to Move in

Taking the pajamas, Lu Heting narrowed his eyes.
He couldn’t help wondering why she had such loose pajamas and children’s clothes in her home.

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“I brought them back from the fashion shows.” With a smile, Su Bei pointed to a room and said, “You can sleep over there, Mr.

Then Su Bei took Gun Gun to the master bedroom so that he could take a shower.
Watching them go, Lu Heting felt as if he was left all alone in the cold rain.

After Gun Gun had obediently taken his shower, he threw himself on the big bed.
His little face beamed with joy.

“Before you fall asleep, we need to dry your hair,” Su Bei said, lifting him up.

“Okay.” Gun Gun nodded and then let her dry his hair.

The little boy was half a head shorter than Da Bao, so the latter’s clothes were slightly loose on him.
Nonetheless, this only made him look cuter.

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When Su Bei tried to step aside to put the towel on the table, she realized that Gun Gun held tightly to her, just like a koala.

Her heart immediately warmed.
As she reached out to pick him up, she noticed that he had already closed his eyes and fallen asleep.

If her other baby was alive, would he be like Gun Gun?

Da Bao, for instance, behaved exactly like Lu Heting did.

Maybe if the other child was around, he would be as lovely as this little boy.

Lowering her head, Su Bei watched Gun Gun in his sleep for a long time before coming out of her thoughts.

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While he slept soundly, Su Bei had a shower and then took the boy’s attire to the washing machine.
In that way, he would have what to wear on the next day.
Because Gun Gun had run back and forth in her house for a long time, his clothes had gotten really filthy and sweaty.

After washing and drying his outfit, she walked into the living room and found Lu Heting sitting on the sofa.

He had his shirt all buttoned up, showing no sign of skin.
There was an air of nobility about him that made him seem unapproachable.

Su Bei couldn’t help but look at him with admiration.
The uniform the Lu Group gave to its employees was definitely good-looking.
No wonder they were such a famous and big enterprise in Jingdu City.
They were so meticulous about every detail that even their staff was well-kept.

As she sat down in front of him, Su Bei asked with a smile, “Where do you live now, Mr.
Lu? Who takes care of Gun Gun when you are not with him?”

“I live in…” Lu Heting thought about his place, which was one of the most expensive villas in Jingdu City.
If he told her the truth, would she run away from him again?

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He feared that knowing his identity would make her feel overwhelmed.

So if he had to take that risk, he would rather spend his life as a driver and stay with her.

Noticing his hesitation, Su Bei smiled and didn’t insist on the question.
“Gun Gun likes it here.
If you think it’s appropriate, you are both welcome to stay.”

When she bought the house, she had taken into consideration that it had three rooms, one for herself, one for Lu Heting, and one for Da Bao.

Now there was also Gun Gun, but she didn’t think the little boy was a problem.
He and Da Bao could perfectly share a room.

Lu Heting’s heart raced and churned like waves in his chest as he took in her words.

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Did she just invite him to move in with her?

His girl invited him to move in!

However, on second thought, he was a little disappointed.
After all, he had worked so hard to get to this moment, but nothing he had done was as effective as Gun Gun’s charms.

“Then we’ll move in with you tomorrow.
Gun Gun has a nanny who takes care of him.
I’ll ask her to start working here from now on,” Lu Heting replied, trying to leave the excitement out of his voice.

The next morning, Lu Heting and Gun Gun arrived at Lu Hu International Villa together.

As soon as they walked past the main door, they rushed to their rooms and took out their suitcases to start packing.

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