However, due to a freak combination of factors, she got pregnant during your five years of separation and gave birth to a baby after ten months of hard work.
After all the hardships, she finally has a happy life now.
Who knew that you two would end up bickering again and you want to move out.
My sister-in-law really has it tough…”

Before Lu Weijian could finish, Lu Heting received a WeChat message.

Lu Weijian immediately jumped up and looked like he didn’t dare to look at the message on the phone.
Lu Heting swiped the voice message from his woman.
Her soft voice sounded, “Hubby, the property management has settled it and offered me a nice house.
When are you coming to pick me up? I’ve already sent you the location.
Thank you for your hard work.”

“I’ll take about 15 minutes.
Wait for me.” Lu Heting’s voice was so gentle that it could drown a person.

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Lu Weijian was speechless.

What was going on? Why was it different from what he had imagined? Shouldn’t this jerk only come to understand his true feelings after going through many twists and turns?

Lu Heting proved that there was no such thing.
He doted on his wife a lot.

Lu Heting picked up his coat and car keys.
He closed the document and prepared to pick up his wife.

Lu Weijian was dumbfounded.
A car key was then dangled in front of him.

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“Seeing how loyal you are to your sister-in-law, I’ll give you this car.” With that, Lu Heting strode away and disappeared.

Lu Weijian was ecstatic as he held the car key..
“This car? Is it? Am I seeing things? I’ve been around you for three years but you never let me touch this car.
Now you’re giving it to me? It’s mine?”

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