Chapter 641: There’s No Need To Look At The Rest

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When the young man walked in, he attracted the attention of Liao Xintong and Su Huixian because of his noble-looking face.
However, when their gazes landed on his clothes, they revealed a hint of disdain.
They quickly retracted their gazes and stopped paying attention to him.

He went straight past the expensive works and walked toward where Su Bei was.

Su Bei, who was browsing through the pile of calligraphy works, was suddenly attracted by a piece of work.
She quickly reached out and carefully picked it up.
Coincidentally, the young man also reached out to pick it up.

However, Su Bei had already gotten it first.
She smiled apologetically at him and said, “Sorry, I like this calligraphy work quite a bit.
Forgive me for not being able to part with it.”

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“You just happened to see it.
How did you come to like it at first glance?” The young man was not angry.
He was just a little curious.

“Although the calligrapher isn’t someone I know, neither do I know if they’re a master of a newcomer, the calligraphy style is quite elegant.
It makes people have a good impression of it.
Furthermore, look at this calligraphy.
The words are written freely and unrestrainedly.
It must have been written by someone with a carefree temperament.
I also hope that the person who receives this calligraphy piece can maintain a young and carefree attitude.” Su Bei pointed at the calligraphy and explained it slowly.

Unknowingly, the young man’s clear eyes became filled with smiles as he nodded in agreement.
“You must be giving it to your elder.”

Su Bei said in a low voice, “Yes, this is a poem to celebrate one’s birthday.
Naturally, it’s for an elder.
It’s rare for me to take a liking to works of calligraphy.
It also fits the mood I’m looking for.
It’s just a pity that this piece of calligraphy isn’t signed.
The handwriting is also a little inexperienced.
I wonder which master’s early work it is.”

It was no wonder that this calligraphy piece was placed in this pile of works.
It was not even hung up.
The shop assistant in charge here was probably not someone who knew calligraphy very well.
Be it the introduction or the treatment of the works, they were all according to superficial things.
There was no professionalism.

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The young man looked at Su Bei seriously and smiled.
“It’s a rare piece of work.
It’s its honor to meet someone like you who can appreciate it.”

Su Bei remembered that he had also taken a fancy to this calligraphy piece, but she got it first.
She smiled and said, “I’m really sorry.
What style are you looking for? Maybe I can help you take a look.”

“Do you know calligraphy very well?”

“I don’t dare to say that I understand it, but I wrote some when I was bored and learned quite a lot from others, so I can understand a little bit.
However, I think that you have a keen eye as well, so you probably don’t need my help.” Su Bei put away the work.

The young man nodded and said with a smile, “You’ve already taken what I like.
There’s no need for me to look at the rest.”

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“Then I’ll pay for it.” Su Bei smiled at him and left.

Su Bei placed the calligraphy piece in front of the shop assistant and said, “Please help me check the price of this piece.”

The shop assistant in charge took a look at it and flipped through his notebook.
His tone was a little lazy as he said, “I can just sell it to you for 8,000.”

Su Bei did not expect the price to be so low.

It was rare that she was the one who looked down on the shop.

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