Chapter 661: A Fierce Slap In The Face

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Qin Yue bowed slightly to Old Master Tang.
“Thank you, Old Master, for your appreciation of my two works.”

“What?” Old Master Tang looked at him.” You mean the calligraphy piece Su Bei gave me is also your work?”

Qin Yue nodded his head.
“That’s right.
The calligraphy that Su Bei chose was a clumsy work of mine from a few years ago.
Back then, my brush wasn’t sharp and I was a little regretful about it, so I stopped writing after pondering it.
Therefore, my signature and stamp aren’t on that piece.
However, it’s indeed my work.
I didn’t want to leave any regrets, so I helped Su Bei finish the remaining half to fulfill her filial piety.”

His words could not be clearer.
He really came for Su Bei!

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Despite Tang Yue’s sincere invitation, the fact that he personally came to write Old Master Tang birthday wishes was only because he wanted to help Su Bei complete the work.
It was not because of anything else.

Tang Yue’s expression darkened.

“This…” Old Master Tang was a little surprised.
He did not expect this to be the reason.
“Do you know Su Bei from before this?”

“I can’t say that I know her.
I’ve only met her once.” Qin Yue was a gentleman.
He was noble and arrogant like an ancient scholar.
He was honest and direct.
“When I saw Su Bei choosing my work from my early years in the shop, she gave a very positive evaluation of my work.
That’s why I spoke to her for a while.
Because I remember that Su Bei bought this piece of calligraphy as a gift to an elder, I thought that it would be more perfect if I wrote the next half of the wish.
That’s why I came here personally.
I’m grateful that you like it.”

He spoke neither too fast nor too slow.
His tone and voice were pleasant to the ears.

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Only then did everyone know that Su Bei had chosen that piece to give to the old man after careful selection.

It turned out that Su Bei had a keen eye on this sort of thing.
That was why she managed to choose such a piece of calligraphy, and it was even Qin Yue’s early work.
This was something that could only be done with great taste and a pair of keen eyes!

If it were anyone else, even if they thought that it looked like Qin Yue’s work, they would easily lose their judgment if there was no signature or stamp.
They would rather choose works that came with a signature.

Only Su Bei, who was meticulous, would have chosen such a work.
It was thanks to her that the work wasn’t covered in dust.

Qin Yue’s early works were probably much more valuable now.
The value was much higher!

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Those who felt that Su Bei had limited talents and a lacking character as she was raised outside the Tang family, those who thought that her cultural knowledge was too low as she was in the entertainment industry, and those who found her vulgar were all given a fierce slap in the face at this moment!

Su Bei was also very surprised.
She smiled and said, “I really didn’t expect that the calligraphy I got back then would be your work.
I’m sorry, I really have to thank you for letting me have it.”

“It’s fine.” Qin Yue smiled.

Su Huixian could not help but feel vexed and regretful.
She had clearly seen Qin Yue in the calligraphy shop.
Because of his outstanding looks, she had even taken a few more glances at him.
However, because of his plain clothes, she and Liao Xintong both revealed looks of disdain and did not take another look at him.
Instead, it was Su Bei who kept chatting with him.

Su Bei’s luck was really good..
Just like that, she accidentally met a man with such status.

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