too much force.
Do you still remember what happened to Zhou Yao and the others? They were kicked to the ground by Su Bei and couldn’t even get up.”

“We’re just filming.
Why is Su Bei like this?”

“Don’t say that.
It’s unavoidable for mistakes to happen during filming.
No one wanted it to happen.
Su Bei definitely didn’t do it on purpose.”

Director Guo Feng said loudly, “Are all of you very free? Have you finished your work yet? The doctors haven’t even said anything, but all of you are so capable, huh?!”

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After hearing Director Guo Feng’s words, everyone dispersed and went to do their own tasks.

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Director Guo Feng walked to Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, go back and rest well.”

“Director Guo Feng, I didn’t do anything to Sister Yourong.
I believe you would understand.”

“Of course, I understand.
What reason would you have to do that to her?” Director Guo Feng said, “So it’s not a big deal.
I’ll take responsibility if anything happens.”

Su Bei nodded.
She changed her clothes and went straight home because she knew that Fang Yourong was very hostile.
If she went to check on her now, she was afraid that it would only anger her and not solve the problem.

Fang Yourong lay in the ambulance with a cold smile.

She would be able to recover from the allergic reaction on her face in a few days.

Su Bei had tricked her and triggered her allergy, but she wouldn’t directly tear Su Bei apart just with that.
However, if the news of Su Bei injuring her was spread, millions of people would tear Su Bei apart for her.

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When it came to scheming, she really wanted to tell Su Bei that she was not even fit to carry her shoes.

However, she was also a little worried about what had happened just now.
She had clearly bitten the bag of blood, but what exactly was that metallic taste that suddenly came up from her stomach?

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