Driver? Did he look like a driver? With brows slightly furrowed, the handsome Lu Heting lowered his eyes and looked at the young woman’s smiling face.

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Su Bei chuckled softly and said, “But based on your appearance, you should be the CEO.
It’s really a waste that you’re only a driver.”

Lu Heting raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth curved into a faint smile.
A hint of interest flashed across his eyes.

“Why me?” It was so rare for Lu Heting to have such patience.

“Because… you… You are the most pleasing to the eye here.” Su Bei staggered.
It was as if she was so drunk that she was about to faint.

Lu Heting’s eyes narrowed.
The young woman seemed drunk, but he couldn’t smell alcohol from her body.
Obviously, someone had done something to her.

But she had good taste because she came to him.

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“So, can I?” The effect of the drug on Su Bei’s body had already reached its peak.
All she wanted right now was to sleep with this man in front of her.
But even if he was only a driver, she still had to make him agree in a respectful manner.

“Okay, I agree.” Lu Heting took the ID card and the signed marriage application form from her hand.
He then handed them over to the assistant behind him.
“Go ahead.”

The assistant was stunned for a moment before taking them.

After five minutes, two copies of marriage licenses were delivered to Lu Heting.


He took them, picked Su Bei up, and carried her in his arms.
He then walked out with his long and strong legs and put her into his Bentley.

“Let’s go home,” Lu Heting said to the driver.
He then pulled the partition between the front seat and the back seat.
Su Bei, who was still in his arms, looked really bad, so he had to do something immediately.

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With the marriage licenses in his hand, a hint of interest flashed through his eyes.
He seemed to like what had happened just now.

Two hours later, Su Bei was still deep asleep in Lu Heting’s arms.


Although his desire hadn’t been satisfied, he didn’t force it anymore.

Now that they had gotten their marriage licenses, they had a lot of time to do this again.

It had been two hours, but Lu Heting noticed that they hadn’t reached the Lu family’s villa yet.


He lifted up the partition and asked the driver, “What’s the matter?”

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Lu, there’s a road accident ahead, and the road is blocked.
We can’t get through.
There are too many cars behind us as well, so we can’t move back,” reported the driver.

Lu Heting lowered the partition again and looked down at Su Bei in his arms.
Her eyes were closed, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes.
She was crying just now.
Such a fragile young woman!

He checked her ID card.
She was only eighteen years old.
It meant that she had just turned into an adult and reached the marriageable age of S Country.
No wonder although she looked so stubborn and pretended to be familiar with love affairs, she still shed tears in the process.


While Lu Heting was sizing up Su Bei’s little face with great interest, his phone suddenly vibrated.
He had a phone call, and it obviously disturbed her sleep because her body moved.

He gently put her down, afraid of waking her up.
Then he got out of the car and answered his phone.

At this moment, the entire overpass was packed.
Since they were stuck, many people got out of their cars to smoke and chat.
So Lu Heting’s move wasn’t obtrusive.

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Su Bei was awakened when he got out of the car.

She looked around, wondering where she could be.
Then she sat up, rubbed her eyes, and recalled everything that happened in a daze.

In the Civil Affairs Bureau, she had stopped Lu Heting, the driver of the Lu family, who she had only met twice before, and had asked him to have sex with her.


Was it over now?

She softly hissed when she felt pain.
It was really not a good experience at all.

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