Chapter 69: Chapter 69 Using Su Bei’s Scandal to Resolve Her Own Crisis

Obviously, Su Xingfu and Du Luo wanted to stop Su Bei from joining Orisa Fashion Show.

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But Su Bei certainly didn’t want to go to the KTV ribbon-cutting ceremony.
So her only way to save herself was to give up being a model and return to the Su family.

A mocking smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.
She then said, “My father just wants to force me to go home and make way for Su Huixian.
But that home is not my home.”

As Lu Heting listened to her, he felt a pang of pain in his heart.

He gently asked, “What’s your plan?”

“I’m planning to report that KTV to the police.
Then I won’t have to go to their event or pay the penalty for breach of contract.
But I’m also worried that the police won’t be able to solve the problem in time.” Su Bei had a plan in mind, but she was afraid to miss the best timing.

“Jingdu City pays great importance to security.
Since that KTV has some illegalities, you can call the police directly,” Lu Heting encouraged her.
“I will arrange a lawyer to accompany you when you resolve the problem with the breach of contract.”

“Arrange a lawyer?” she asked, a bit surprised.

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He coughed lightly and said, “I mean, I work in Lu Group, and I know a lot of people from the legal department.
I have a good relationship with them.
I’ll ask them for a favor.
I’m sure they won’t refuse.”

With Lu Heting’s encouragement and help, Su Bei’s mood suddenly lightened up.
“Thank you, Mr.
I’ll do as you say.
And I’ll take care of the rest.”

Soon, the day of Orisa Fashion Show came.

The previous tests had made Su Bei and the other four models from S Country the hot searches on Weibo.
They also gained a large number of fans.

So many fans were eagerly looking forward to today’s big show.

However, on the list that was released online, there was only Su Huixian’s name.
Su Bei’s name wasn’t there.
This made Su Bei’s fans greatly disappointed.

“Where is Su Bei? Why isn’t she coming on the stage?”

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“She came back from the United States, especially for this show.
And I also hope to see her performance in her homeland.”

“Look! Is Su Bei really going to do the ribbon-cutting for the reopening of that KTV?”

After seeing Su Bei’s choice, the fans were infuriated.

They liked her so much, and they had high hopes for her.
Many people even called her “The Beacon of the National Models” after watching her performance during the preliminary and second rounds.

But what she did this time had really disappointed them.

Actually, it was Su Huixian who instructed Qiu Minxuan to release the news.
She must force Su Bei to give up on being a model.

Su Bei wanted to take her career away? No way!

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With the spread of the news and Qiu Minxuan’s exaggeration of the story on the Internet, many people started to look down upon Su Bei.

“It turns out that the ribbon-cutting ceremony of this KTV can make her earn a fortune so quickly.”

“Such a shortsighted woman! For the slightest benefit in front of her, she actually gave up such a good opportunity.”

“Now I know that I shouldn’t fall in love with a model with all my heart.
Only in this way can I avoid being sad.”

“Go away, Su Bei! We don’t need such an idol!”

Su Bei’s reputation fell to a low point in an instant.

And because of this, no one even noticed that it was Su Huixian who replaced her.

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With Su Bei’s scandal being heatedly discussed, Su Huixian successfully passed the crisis of being questioned why she was on the stage.

‘It really feels good to have someone to use as a stepping stone, ‘ she thought to herself.

In the afternoon, the KTV arranged for someone to pick up Su Bei.

“Su Bei, go ahead,” Qiu Minxuan said and beckoned to Su Bei.

On one side was a large amount of penalty, while on the other side was a very low-end and even illegal ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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