Chapter 703: Aren’t You Afraid Of People Talking?

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[It’s clear that Su Bei did hit her but it’s just that she didn’t suffer from external injuries.
Otherwise, why would Fang Yourong fall to the ground?]

[I think so too.
Fang Yourong is really magnanimous.
She’s injured and was even admitted into the hospital, yet she still helped Su Bei and Dr.
Hu clarify things.
She’s really magnanimous.]

[That’s true.
Fang Yourong has been in the industry for many years and has the demeanor of a big sister.
She is very tolerant and kind to others.
Her interview this time is very favorable.]

[But did you find out who triggered her allergies?]

[The reporter took a picture of the package she received.
We’re all studying it with magnifying glasses.]

[Let me know if you find any news!]

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[There’s news, there’s news! There’s a signature on that package with the word ‘Su’ written on it.
Someone has compared it to Su Bei’s handwriting!]

[With the professional knowledge of the delivery industry, I can confirm that the package was sent from a certain district in the capital city.
Su Bei happens to live in that district!]

[Someone is already calling the express delivery company.
I believe we’ll know the sender’s information very soon!]

[Let’s find out who’s the culprit! I feel terrible just looking at the swelling on Yourong’s face.
Even ordinary people can’t stand it, let alone a female celebrity like her!]

The situation on the internet had changed from Fang Yourong’s pity party to a large-scale crime scene.

Everyone was helping Fang Yourong find out who the criminal was.

This ‘criminal’ became the target of criticism on the internet.

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A lot of evidence pointed to Su Bei.
There was only one conclusion left.

[I really didn’t expect this matter to be related to Su Bei.]

[I’m too disappointed in Su Bei.
What other bad things has she done that we don’t know about?]

[It’s only right for Fang Yourong to act as the female protagonist.
Su Bei’s actions are really disgusting!]

[Go back to your runway.
The film industry doesn’t need such a monster!]

Su Bei looked at Fang Yourong’s series of actions and really did not expect that a person could be so unscrupulous.

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“I sent the package, but I don’t know anything about the catkins.
I don’t even know that she’s allergic to catkins.” Su Bei looked at the news on the internet and shrugged helplessly.

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“Since Fang Yourong was able to do what she did last time, I’m afraid she’s also the one behind all this,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.
“Since she’s not afraid of death, there must be a way to give her a taste of her own medicine.”

Su Bei was not worried.
“I didn’t do it, so I’m not afraid of people talking about it!”

A murderous intent flashed in Lu Heting’s eyes.
However, the matter had already blown up.
If he wanted to clear Su Bei’s name, he would have to use the entertainment industry’s rules to solve the problem.

“I’ll investigate and deal with it,” Lu Heting said softly as he caressed the woman’s hair.

“Mhm, leaving my matters to you is more reassuring than leaving them to Brother Yue Ze.
If it weren’t for the fact that Mr.
Weijian needs you as his chauffeur, I would have asked you to be my personal manager.”

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“Then let me do it.
I don’t mind.
I’ll just take it as a part-time job.”

He might not be familiar with job resources, but he was good at solving problems, taking care of her, and looking at contracts.

However, as the person in charge of Lu Corporation, were resources a problem?

A satisfied smile appeared on her fair face.

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