Chapter 721: Oppressing Su Bei

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“I don’t agree!” This time, Old Master Tang had witnessed Su Bei’s path through the storms.
He doted on her even more and wanted to protect her.

He was very dissatisfied with the investor’s intention.

CEO Liu spread out his hands.
“Old Master Tang, I don’t want to continue arguing about money.
The outside world is saying that Su Bei is a jinx.
If you don’t agree to replace her, then you can invest in your own granddaughter.
We won’t be accompanying you anymore! I’ll take my leave now!”

Old Master Tang was so angry.
“Who dares to talk about my granddaughter like that? How did this spread?”

Tang Yue helplessly replied, “Everyone has their own opinions on this matter.
I’ve also investigated, but I couldn’t find the source.”

“If they want to withdraw, so be it.
We’ll continue to invest!” Old Master Tang said.

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“Grandpa… The shareholders don’t agree,” Tang Yue said.
“Once the other investors leave, we’ll be under a lot of pressure and the risk will increase by several times.
I’ve already tried my best, but unfortunately, I can’t convince anyone.”

Although Old Master Tang was the head of the Tang family, his company, especially Sheng Tang, had long been listed on the market.
He was no longer the only one who could make decisions.

The shareholders did not agree to continue investing, so they were only faced with one option—replacing Su Bei.

Even if Old Master Tang didn’t agree, there was nothing he could do.

The matter quickly reached Su Bei’s ears.

She understood Old Master Tang’s helplessness.

Tang Yue led her men to Director Guo Feng and Su Bei.
She said, “Director Guo Feng, Su Bei, I’m very sorry.
The other investors are about to withdraw their investments, and the shareholders of Sheng Tang don’t agree with us continuing our investment.
The only choice is to replace Su Bei.”

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The entire crew was in low spirits.
After putting in so much effort, this was the result.

Everyone looked at Su Bei.

Su Bei stood up and said, “I’ll leave.”

“Su Bei, Grandpa and I have worked hard to try and deal with it, but I’m sorry.
There’s really no other way,” Tang Yue said regretfully.

Su Bei looked at her.
She believed that her grandfather had done the best he could.
As for Tang Yue, Su Bei was suspicious of her.

In order not to implicate everyone, Su Bei could only bear all of this herself.

However, with such a reputation, it would be difficult for her to get any more movies or activities.

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That was clearly telling everyone that she had failed, which was why she returned.

She would be slapping herself in the face.

Su Bei gently exhaled and was about to turn around when Director Guo Feng stood up.
“President Tang, I’ll leave with Su Bei.”

Tang Yue looked at him in surprise.
“Director Guo Feng, do you know what you’re saying?”

Withdrawing the investment was just Tang Yue’s way of oppressing Su Bei.
Breaking up the production team was not her goal.

It was because she knew that this project would make money…

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“I’ve said it before.
If something like this happens, Su Bei and I will bear the responsibility together!” Director Guo Feng was very firm.

Lin Yu stood up unsteadily.
“Wait for me, Su Bei.
Let’s have hotpot tonight!”

The rest of the staff were only here because they trusted Director Guo Feng.
Seeing this situation, many of them stood up as well and said, “Let’s follow Director Guo Feng.”

“We’ll go wherever Director Guo Feng goes.”

Some of the other actors were looking at Director Guo Feng, while others were Lin Yu’s fangirls..
When they saw this scene, they couldn’t help but stand up too.
“Lin Yu, wait for us!”

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