Chapter 740: Perhaps Only God Can Repair It

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She quickly took out her phone and swiped it.
She then whispered a few words to Lin Moli.

At this moment, Tang Yue appeared with her assistant and a seemingly capable man.

“I’m really sorry.
I didn’t expect something like this to happen at my fair.” Tang Yue walked out with a smile.

After Su Bei got slandered, it was time for her to make an appearance.

Jia Shiyun smiled and said, “It’s nothing much.
I was too impatient just now.
If it isn’t because this piece of jade means a lot to me, I wouldn’t have wasted my time here.
I’m sorry, President Tang.”

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“The person beside me is a master of jewelry, Situ Songhui.
He can judge the quality of jewelry and jade, appraise antiques, and repair them.
Why don’t you let him take a look for you?” Tang Yue said.

Everyone couldn’t help but become excited as they looked at Situ Songhui.
“Oh my God, I didn’t expect it to be Situ Songhui! I heard that he’s a genius and an all-rounder who repairs artifacts!”

“Moreover, he designed a very famous piece of jewelry!”

“That’s right! Also, he has a very sharp pair of eyes.
It’s said that he can tell the authenticity of anything in front of him!”

“I heard that he can repair all kinds of jewelry.
Even if they’ve been shattered into pieces, they can be restored to their original state!” someone shouted exaggeratedly.

“I really didn’t expect to see Situ Songhui! So it was President Tang who invited him.
He’s too awesome! I’m so impressed.”

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When Situ Songhui was recognized and praised, he was filled with arrogance.
However, he didn’t show it on his face and maintained the demeanor of a master.

Actually, he was only in his early 30s.
It was really amazing that he could enjoy his current reputation.

Tang Yue’s face lit up as well.
Situ Songhui was the person she had sponsored.
She was the one who had discerned his potential among the crowd.

Jia Shiyun did not dare to delay things anymore and handed over her jade necklace.

This master’s name was Situ Songhui.
Tang Yue only wanted to develop her career in the jewelry industry after she got to know him.
He wanted to rely on the entire Tang family to boost his career.

Situ Songhui took the jade and examined it seriously.
A helpless expression appeared on his face.

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He handed it back apologetically.
“I’m so sorry, Miss Jia.
The two cracks in this jade are too deep and not just on the surface, so there’s no way to fix it.”

“Could surface cracks be fixed, then?” Jia Shiyun asked.

“That’s right.
If the cracks were on the surface, we could use a technique to restore it to its original state.
If they’re deep, however, I’m afraid only immortals can repair it,” Situ Songhui joked.

The people around him nodded in agreement.
“The jade is broken, and it’s very difficult to repair, especially this light-colored jade.
If it’s repaired, it’ll leave behind traces.
It won’t look good anymore.”

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“However, this Mr.
Situ is also very impressive.
He can actually repair cracks.
He has unprecedented skills.
In any case, I’m very envious.
It’s just that my hands are clumsy.
I won’t be able to learn such things in my entire life,” an expert commented seriously.

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“If only the cracks in this jade weren’t deep… I really wanted to see his brilliant repairing technique.”

When Jia Shiyun heard this, she said, “Since that’s the case, then forget it..
President Tang, you’re really considerate.”

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