Chapter 743: Got Someone To Fix It

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Jia Shiyun leisurely picked up her cup of coffee and took a sip.
Today, she

would definitely accept that jade stone that was worth tens of millions.

Tian Jinnuo said from the side, “I wonder where Su Bei went with that piece of

jade? Could it be that she left and won’t return?

Jia Jia echoed, “That can’t be, right? If she really leaves, isn’t she afraid of being


The guests watching by the side also began to have second thoughts.

To be honest, Su Bei’s performance tonight was a little disappointing.

didn’t expect her to look so much better in real life than in photos, but her

personality was much worse than the rumors.

Some people started to sympathize with Lin Moli.
“Look at that girl, she’s about

to cry from fright but Su Bei won’t be coming back anymore.
What kind of

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friend is she?

“Don’t spout nonsense.
Su Bei won’t leave me behind,” Lin Moli rebutted loudly.

However, although she knew that there was nothing wrong with Su Bei’s

character, when she thought about how that piece of jade might not be able to

be fixed, Lin Moli felt a little worried.

As everyone was discussing, Su Bei’s figure finally appeared in front of


“Miss Jia, your jade necklace has been fixed!” Su Bei reached out and handed it


No one believed that Su Bei could fix something that even Situ Songhui said he

couldn’t fix.

“Su Bei must be boasting.
How could it have been repaired?

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“You sure talk big, but I wonder if it’s true?

“Even Master Situ Songhui has determined that it can’t be repaired.
What kind

of joke is this?

Tian Jinnuo was the first to reach out to take it.
She took a look and realized

that the crack had really disappeared!

Moreover, the repair could be said to be flawless!

Miss Su, did you swap it with another piece? Tian Jinnuo could

not believe it.

Jia Jia and Jia Shiyun also hurriedly took it to take a closer look.

discovered that it had really been repaired without a trace left behind.
It was

both shocking and unbelievable.

Situ Songhuif’s expression changed slightly as he looked over.

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That was impossible! In this world, no one could completely repair a jade stone

that had a crack on it.

However, the truth was the truth.
Even Jia Shiyun couldn’t help but feel

astonished when she saw how her jade had been repaired.

Tang Yue could not help but say, “Su Bei, did you go and swap it to a similar

piece? That’s a good idea.”

Lin Moli couldn’t help but say, “That’s impossible.
When Di Xing Media gave it

to Shiyun, they said that this kind of jade is unique.
Tt’s impossible for the same

piece of jade to exist in this world.
Didn’t the magazine say that as well

Jia Shiyun nodded proudly.
“Indeed, it’s unique.”

This was the unparalleled glory that Di Xing Media had bestowed upon her.

Situ Songhui’s face turned even uglier.
He couldn’t even repair the jade but Su

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Bei actually got someone to fix it! Who was that person? Could it be his junior?

Lin Moli took out her camera and said, Tf some of you don’t believe it, wel

know after comparing it.
I took a photo of the necklace on Miss Jia’s neck just

It can be seen very clearly, and even the original crack on her jade is


She enlarged the photo for everyone to see.
Indeed, there were small cracks on


So now that it has been repaired, all of you can try comparing it to verify

things,” Lin Moli said..

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