Chapter 745: Of Course, I Admire You

Su Bei walked past everyone and stopped in front of Tang Yue.
She smiled and said, “Sister, it’s getting late, so I won’t disturb you anymore.
I’ll come again next time.”

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“ll get someone to send you back.”

“No need.
I drove here myself,” Su Bei said and pulled Lin Moli out.

Once Lin Moli went out, she said, “Su Bei, your sister doesn’t seem to be sincere toward you?”

“I know.” Su Bei opened the car door indifferently.

“Then why did you return to the Tang Family?”

“When did you see me return to the Tang family? I live with my sons and husband, okay?” Besides, Su Bei had yet to acknowledge the Tang family because of Tang Yue.

Lin Moli felt more at ease.
“That’s true.
And that Jia Shiyun, she’s really fake.
I heard that she’s the number one star of Di Xing Media.
After meeting her today, she doesn’t seem to be anything special.”

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Su Bei recalled that when she was filming overseas, she seemed to have met this arrogant star.
In that case, she was indeed really arrogant.

“[heard that she was personally groomed by the person in charge of Lu Group!” Lin Moli said quietly, “The fans don’t know this, but everyone in the industry knows.
It’s just that they’re afraid of Lu Group, so no one dares to say anything.”

“The person in charge of Lu Group is old enough to be her father, right?” Su Bei was not envious or gossipy.
“I wonder what kind of elder the person in charge is.
Does his family have any objections to promoting a female celebrity? Forget it, forget it.
It’s better not to interfere in matters that have nothing

to do with us.”

She drove Lin Moli home before returning to her own home.

After reading Da Bao and Gun Gun a story, she returned to the master bedroom with Lu Heting.
She then told Lu Heting gleefully, “You don’t know how powerful Feng Cheng is.
He can even repair jade.
It couldn’t even be repaired by the master Tang Yue brought, Situ Songhui.”

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes, Lu Heting’s jealousy started to spread.
“It looks like you really admire Feng Cheng’s skills?”

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“Of course, I’m impressed…” When Su Bei said this, she suddenly felt the wave of jealousy on the man’s body.
She smiled and planted a kiss on his forehead.
“But I still love my own husband the most!”

Lu Heting was pleased.
His emotions would change with her smile and soft words.
He lowered his head and kissed her gently.

Tang Yue was furious with Su Bei.

Lin Shulian brought over a bowl of bird’s nest and said, “Have some.
Then come with me to pay respects to your maternal grandfather.”

Tang Yue controlled her temper.
“Is Su Bei going?”

“Tinvited her, but she said she’s busy filming.” Lin Shulian shook her head regretfully and sighed softly.

Tang Yue immediately smiled.
“Mom, I’ll go with you.”

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The Lin family that Lin Shulian was from wasn’t any less famous than the Lu family in the capital.
Furthermore, they were a family that had been around for many years.
Not only were they famous but they were also extremely powerful.
If the Lu family saw them, they would probably have to lower their

heads and give way.

Lin Shulian’s elder brother and Tang Yue’s uncle, Lin Hancheng, was extremely powerful now.

Tang Yue had long yearned for the Lin family.

It was just that Lin Shulian’s background wasnt glorious.
After she got married, she started growing distant from the Lin family and they almost no longer kept in contact.

After Old Master Lin passed away, the only thing Lin Shulian could keep was a letter of inheritance.

Early in the morning, Lin Shulian and Tang Yue went to the cemetery where Old Master Lin was to pay their respects..

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