Chapter 747: Since There’s No Hotpot, Spicy Bars Are Fine Too

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“No problem, I’ve already prepared for today’s scenes.”

“That’s good.”

Lin Yu had already changed into his costume and walked over.
Dressed in the attire of a deputy general, he looked dashing.
He walked in front of Su Bei and said, “Don’t worry, I know today is our kissing scene.
I didn’t eat hotpot or garlic.”

Other than being afraid of being beaten to death by his boss, he had nothing else to worry about.

However, his boss was far away in America anyway.
When Lin Yu thought about this, he instantly relaxed.

Su Bei got dressed and said, “Come on.”

Lin Yu rubbed his chest.
Su Bei looked really cool in this outfit.
He had acted with so many people before, but for a moment, he was actually attracted by her gaze.

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How terrifying.

Soon, the two of them got into character and started filming.

Today’s scene was on Ni Huang being unable to establish herself in the Great Xiao Empire.
She had no choice but to come to the Hun Kingdom.
However, she had to return to the Great Xiao Empire because she had something to do.
Even so, she was misunderstood and bullied by everyone.
She was

besieged by the soldiers who claimed that they wanted to kill a traitor like her.

Zhan Han, played by Lin Yu, was initially an unknown soldier under Ni Huang.
He was groomed and trained by Ni Huang, becoming her most loyal deputy general.
When everyone was attacking Ni Huang, he was the only one who stood up and blocked the attacks for her.
In the end, he took Ni Huang

away, but he was heavily injured and on the verge of death.

Ni Huang, who was covered in injuries, hugged Zhan Han.
She lowered her head and asked in a trembling voice, “Why are you so stupid?”

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“Tm willing to do this for you.
I’ve always been so foolish.” Zhan Han’s voice trembled, but it was strangely firm.

Ni Huang had tears in her eyes as she looked at the expression in his eyes.
Only then did she understand that Zhan Han didn’t only have feelings for her as his superior.
It was more like the feelings between a man and a woman.
She had never sensed it before, but he had always been quietly giving her his


Various memories flashed through her mind.
Ni Huang finally understood that not only did he have feelings for her but she also had feelings for him.

She said firmly, “Alright, I’l protect you from now on!”

The entire scene was both sorrowful and romantic.
Many people could not help but be moved to tears.

Just as Ni Huang was about to kiss him passionately, Lin Yu couldn’t help but shudder.
A horrified expression appeared on his face.

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At this time, he should be displaying shock, joy, and a bit of disbelief.
He was definitely not supposed to be horrified.

“Cut!” Director Guo Feng stopped the scene.

He walked over helplessly.
“Lin Yu, are you too tired today?”

This was already the 19th take for Lin Yu.
This was not normal for Lin Yu, who had always been good at acting!

“Sorry, Director Guo Feng, Let me rest for a while.” Lin Yu hurriedly sat up.

$u Bei had also wasted her effort.
“Lin Stone, you have such a day too? What happened to filming everything in one go?”

“didn’t eat hotpot last night, so I’m not in good condition today.” Lin Yu sat at the side and rested.

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Quite a number of female staff immediately delivered various drinks and spicy bars to him.
“Lin Yu, there’s no hotpot, so these spicy bars will have to do.
Come, come, come, these are all for you.
They’re all the best!”

$u Bei’s lips twitched.
The number of fangirls that Lin Yu had was indeed not to be underestimated.

After Lin Yu sat down, he recalled that there was a gaze that was coldly staring at him during the scene just now.
It made him feel as though there was a dagger pierced into his back.
Every time Su Bei wanted to kiss him, he was so terrified that he couldn’t control his expression.

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