Chapter 758: Helpless

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Lu Heting’s lips curled up slightly.
Su Bei always cared about his thoughts and emotions.
That was enough.
Lu Heting never cared about others.

Du Guoshou was overwhelmed by the compliments.
As soon as he received a message from his friend, he immediately said to Old Master Tang, “Old Master, Chief Liang is here.
Let’s find a chance.”

“Let’s go,” Old Master Tang stood up.
He didn’t expect that he would have to meet someone halfway.

However, for the sake of the Tang family and his many children, he was willing to go all out.
What was dignity to him? It was the only way for the family to survive and develop.

He and Du Guoshou walked out quickly.
As expected, they saw Chief Liang, who was the person in charge, walking toward the private room.

Old Master Tang had tried to contact him several times but to no avail.
Now that he saw him, he was a little agitated and hurried over.

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“Chief Liang!” Old Master Tang called out.

‘When Chief Liang saw Old Master Tang, his expression was a little unnatural.
He smiled and said, “Old Master Tang! What a coincidence to see you here! I should’ve gone to meet you, but look at me!”

He had a high status, but his words were warm.
When he was promoted to a high position, he couldn’t have done so without Old Master Tang’s help.
But now, he had a better future.
The person Old Master Tang’s competitor found was someone Chief Liang couldn’t afford to offend, so he had to make a


He was obviously about to decline when Old Master Tang smiled and said, “Chief Liang, why don’t we sit down and have a cup of tea? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, so let’s have a chat?”

“Tm really sorry.
I still have to have a meal with the higher-ups.
Old Master Tang, we have to do it another day.
Another day!” Chief Liang said and was about to leave.

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Old Master Tang saw a high-ranking senior sitting inside the private room with his competitor, the Ou family.

From the looks of it, it was inevitable that the project on the west side of the city would be given to the Ou family.
Even Chief Liang himself might not be able to make this decision.
That was why he was avoiding Old Master Tang.

Old Master Tang was already lowering himself by stopping Chief Liang.
If he continued to drag this on, it wouldn’t fit his status.

Du Guoshou didn’t expect such a situation, Although he had found the person, they didn’t have the slightest opportunity.
He said, “Chief Liang…”

This time, Chief Liang turned a deaf ear and walked into the private room, closing the door behind him.

“Old Master, we have really tried our best.” Du Guoshou could not help much and felt ashamed.

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But with the current situation, what other way could he think of?

Even Old Master Tang had already personally come to stop Chief Liang.
What else could he do? Make a scene in the private room?

“Perhaps it’s time for our Tang family to face this disaster.” Old Master Tang sighed.

Du Guoshou said, “That’s right.
Who would have thought that the Ou family would actually be able to find such a high-ranking figure? Man proposes but God disposes.
Old Master, you should relax a little.”

However, how could Old Master Tang relax? He had invested half of the Tang family’s business into this project!

If he messed up, the consequences would be unimaginable.

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Old Master Tang had spent his entire life devising strategies and bringing the entire Tang family to the top of the capital.
He had never expected to encounter such a huge crisis.

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