Chapter 764: Do You Dare, Mr.

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“We can also have some prizes.
Those who win will be rewarded.
How about that?” Tang Yue deliberately wanted to make Du Jinghao look good.
She wanted to make Su Bei look bad, so she fanned the flames.

Du Jinghao immediately said, “Sure, we can have a bet.
Lu, what do you think about it?”

“Why don’t you tell me what you want to bet on?” Tang Yue asked with a smile.

Du Jinghao didn’t wait for Lu Heting to agree and said, “If I win, I want to date Su Bei.”

Everyone was shocked by his words.
No one expected that Du Jinghao, who was silent the whole night, had actually been restraining his anger.

Ou Huanwei couldn’t help but exclaim, “Jinghao! How can you do this?”

She didn’t want her son to be with Su Bei.

Du Jinghao stared at Lu Heting.
“Do you dare, Mr.

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The provocation was very strong.

Actually, with his rank, he was basically the champion in the entire country.
It was unfair for him to challenge Lu Heting.

However, if he missed this opportunity, he would no longer have the chance to date Su Bei.
Therefore, even if the conditions were not moral, he had to grab this chance.

‘Tang Yue’s face instantly turned hot.
She had done everything she could for Du Jinghao’s sake and to make him perform well in front of her grandfather so that he could suppress Lu Heting.
Who knew that his bet was for Su Bei?

Everything seemed so ridiculous.

‘Tang Yue was completely speechless.

“If you don’t dare to, pretend that I didn’t say anything.” Du Jinghao narrowed his eyes.
He was both disappointed and reluctant.

Su Bei did not expect this man to make such an outrageous request.
Besides, Lu Heting had never played chess before.

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Although she believed that he could do anything and if he said that he could do it, then he definitely could.

This bet… Su Bei looked at Lu Heting.

Lu Heting said calmly, “Su Bei is not a reward for a bet.
I won’t use her as a bet.”

Old Master Tang was very satisfied with these words.

To Ou Huanwei, Lu Heting was admitting defeat.
She smiled and said, “Then forget it.
Our Jinghao is a master of chess.
He even participated in the national championship.
Even if he wins, it’d be unfair.”

Lose? That was impossible.

Lu Heting looked at Du Jinghao and said, “There’s no need for Su Bei to be the bet, then.
Let’s use ourselves as the bet.
Whoever loses will not be able to see Su Bei again.
If the loser ever meets Su Bei by chance, he has to avoid her!”


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Everyone was shocked.

Old Master Tang stood up.
Lu Heting’s bet was too big.

The loser would have to stop seeing Su Bei and even avoid her.
If Lu Heting lost, it meant that he would have to leave Su Bei forever!

He actually made such a bet just to get rid of a competitor.

He was overbearing!

Furthermore, Lu Heting had just learned how to play chess while Du Jinghao was already comparable to the national champion.
Even if the two of them were evenly matched, no one could guarantee that Lu Heting would win.

Lu Heting’s move was both impulsive and risky!

Ou Huanwei thought to herself, ‘This Lu Heting really can’t keep his cool.
He just looks cocky? He really doesn’t have any masculinity.’

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‘What’s going on with Lu Heting?” Tang Yue thought to herself.
‘Isn’t he being too reckless? He’s going to lose..
What if he loses? I can’t let Du Jinghao be with Su Bei!”

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