Chapter 779: What If We Meet Bad People

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Feng Cheng was unmoved.

Su Bei was also very happy and said, “You guys can decide for yourselves now.
I already made the decision last time.”

‘Whether they sold it or not and how they sold it all depended on Feng Cheng and Lin Wenyu.

Lin Wenyu had no objections.
She shook her head.
“I don’t understand anything about this.
Feng Cheng, you can make the decision.”

Feng Cheng took out his phone and wrote, [Not selling.]

Su Bei took a look and immediately said, “I’m sorry everyone, but we’re planning to keep this piece of jade for ourselves.
We’re not selling it.
I’m really sorry.”

Lin Wenyu was frugal with spending money, but her family was not short of money.
She followed Su Bei and said, “We want to keep it for ourselves to play with.
We won’t sell it!”

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Feng Cheng could keep it if he wanted to.

Everyone was especially disappointed.
They tried their best to persuade him, but Feng Cheng did not agree.
They had no choice but to forget it and disperse.

Feng Cheng was also tired.
He picked up the big stone.
Boss Wang quickly got someone to find a sturdy bag for him to put it in.
He passed him cigarettes before sending the three guests away.

His stall welcomed a wave of peak business.
Many experts stopped by the stall to watch and appreciate the stones displayed, waiting to purchase them.

Feng Cheng hugged the stone and followed Su Bei and Lin Wenyu with a relaxed expression.

As they walked, Su Bei whispered, “There are people following us.
Everyone, be careful and follow me.”

Just now, she noticed that there were people sneakily following them while in the crowd.
It seemed that those people had taken a fancy to the piece of jade in Feng Cheng’s hand and wanted to take the risk by using improper methods to snatch it from them.

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But was it really that easy to snatch?

Lin Wenyu immediately became nervous and said, “Why don’t I get someone to help? Otherwise, if we encounter bad people…”

She had bodyguards, but she didn’t bring any today.
She didn’t know if it was too late to call them over.

“No need.
Just follow me,” Su Bei said.
She brought Lin Wenyu and Feng Cheng to a small hotel nearby.

Those sneaky people immediately followed but lost their targets.

“Hurry up and find them!” Their target was the jade, so they had to find them.

The few of them spread out in all directions, going toward the hall and the rooms upstairs.
Their sharp gazes scanned through every place and person.

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After a while, two young and beautiful girls walked out in high heels.
Their long hair fluttered in the wind, and their figures were graceful.
They had charming smiles on their faces as they chatted and laughed with each other.
Soon, they walked past these people.

The few men could no longer be bothered to look for their targets.
They followed the women out as if their souls had been snatched until someone shouted, “Hurry up and look for them!”

Only then did they retract their gazes and begin to reluctantly look for their targets.

After a while, a pregnant woman with a big belly walked out.
She held her protruding belly with both hands and slowly walked past these people toward the parking lot.1

After that, the pregnant lady got into the car of the two ladies.

The people who were in the hotel continued to search like headless flies, but where could they find their targets?

The three young men had seemingly disappeared into thin air.

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In the car, Su Bei and Lin Wenyu couldn’t help but laugh when they saw Feng Cheng’s maternity wear.

They didn’t expect Feng Cheng to look quite gentle when he was disguised as a woman..

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