Chapter 788 I Contributed Too

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But if Great Immortal said so, she would definitely believe him.

And these words sounded so reasonable.

“Think about it.
In the past, was your son forced to study hard because of your high expectations? He didn’t even have time to play.
It made him depressed.
Although he has

become a genius now, how many times has his health been sacrificed during this period?” Su Bei continued to ask.
She had to convince Mrs.
Yue at one go.

Yue slapped her leg.
That was right.
She had been controlling her son since he was young.
That was why he had such a problem.
Was it too much for her to continue

caring so much?

o wonder when Yue Ze was together with Lv Shan in the past half a year, everything was smooth sailing for him.
When Lv Shan moved away, his body started having

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This was because he was in a bad mood.

After Su Bei finished speaking, she picked up her things and left.
The ‘middle-aged man’ was still behind her, begging her to read his fortune.

Yue felt extremely conflicted.

It was impossible for her to accept Lv Shan just like that.

But once she thought about her son’s health and future, she had no choice but to grit her teeth.
She closed her eyes and called Yue Ze.
“Son, where does Lv Shan live?”

She wanted to fetch her back personally.

“Mom, we’ve already broken up.
Are you still going to disturb her?” Yue Ze knew that Su Bei might have succeeded.
Since this was the case, he would resist for now.

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“I’m going to pick her up!” Mrs.
Yue said.
No matter how difficult it was, she had to try to accept Lv Shan.
Her son was more important than anything else.

Yue personally went to Lv Shan’s place to fetch her and the child.

Even though her face didn’t look good, she reached out to hug the boy and said, “Let’s go back.
I’ll take care of you in the future.”

Yue Ze finally looked relieved and went forward to hug Lv Shan.

Even though the methods used were not honorable, the outcome was still good.

After Mrs.
Yue brought Lv Shan back, Yue Ze handed the new medical report.
“My tumor is benign.
The doctor said that it’ll be fine after a small surgery.”

This benign tumor really did exist, but under Su Bei’s arrangement, Lin Wenyu exaggerated the problem in the hospital.

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“Great Immortal is truly powerful!” Mrs.
Yue hurriedly clasped her hands together and bowed toward the sky, thinking that her decision was correct.

At this point, she firmly believed in what the great immortal told her and accepted Lv Shan from the bottom of her heart.

Yue Ze sent a message to Su Bei in the WeChat group.
[Thank you, Su Bei.]

[Treat me to hotpot.
I contributed too!] Lin Yu was the first to jump out.
[I acted out of friendship.
Didn’t I act well?]

Yue Ze adjusted his glasses.
Was this the cold and aloof Lin Yu who had tens of millions of fans and young girls clamoring to marry him?

Is three meals enough?] Yue Ze shook his head and laughed.

How loyal! @ Yue Ze] Lin Yu gave him a thumbs up.
[Next time you encounter such a fun situation, invite me! @ Su Bei.]

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Su Bei: [I hope my friends won’t encounter such a thing again.]

n order to further strengthen the effects, Su Bei disguised herself as the great immortal again the next day and continued to appear at that same spot.
If Mrs.
Yue still had

any doubts, Su Bei could reassure her again.

Unexpectedly, Mrs.
Yue was already certain that her son should be with Lv Shan and did not come again..

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