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When she let her hair down, she was full of charm.
When she tied her hair into a bun, she instantly became cute.
She was an agile and energetic girl.

Lu Heting was satisfied with what he saw.
“Let’s begin, then.”

Su Bei suddenly realized that there was a lot of ink on the proposal.
It looked like Lu Heting had written on it.

Strange! Why did he write something and then try to erase it? Su Bei did not understand.

“Did you write this and draw over it?” Su Bei asked.

Lu Heting then realized that Su Bei had no idea that her proposal had been written on by someone else.
What was going on?

“Let’s begin,” said Lu Heting.

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Su Bei sat next to Lu Heting and listened to his detailed analysis of the proposal.

Lu Heting was indeed talented in this area.
There were some things that Su Bei could not figure out.
After his analysis, she was enlightened and her eyes shone brightly as she looked at the tip of Lu Heting’s pen.

In order to defeat that potential love rival, Lu Heting felt that giving up on rest was the right choice.

Due to the fact that she had to manage Jingbei Sheng Tang Square (later known as Jingbei Square), Old Master Tang gave Su Bei a lot of helpers.
Su Bei was working on this and other stuff as well.

Other than that, she was also doing other things.
Feng Cheng’s jade from the previous time produced many good pieces of jewelry.

Su Bei got quite a lot and gave them all to her friends in the circle.

This batch of jewelry was highly regarded in the small circle.

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