Chapter 806 We Can Eat Wherever You Want

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However, many wealthy ladies had their eyes fixed on Jingbei Square.
From time to time, they would arrange for their drivers to go there and take a look.
Therefore, although Jingbei Square was not open for business yet and there were very few shops, many people noticed that there were always tons of luxury cars at the entrance of this mall.
The people passing by were the butler of a certain family in the capital, the chauffeur of a certain rich lady, the assistant of a certain rich lady, and so on.
Just what kind of magic was hidden in this mall that could attract so many people of such status?

News like this quickly spread among the clothing, jewelry, and food businesses.
The news spread like wildfire, but everyone was being quiet about it.
They were all trying to find out about such important information, but they were unwilling to share it with their competitors, so they hid whatever they found.
For a moment, they were filled with the desire to set up a shop in this shopping mall that was like an isolated island in the suburbs.

Who wouldn’t want to earn money from these wealthy ladies?

Many businesses called to say that they wanted to collaborate with Jingbei Square and open a shop in the mall.
Currently, it was Old Master Tang’s assistants, who were arranged to work under Su Bei during this period, handling these matters.
All assistants who received such calls had to ask Su Bei for instructions.
For a moment, Su Bei was extremely busy.

She felt that it was time to find someone to share the burden with.

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Yue Ze could not do this.
His main job was still talent management.

Lu Heting had it even worse.
He had to work for Lu Weijian and was busy with the two munchkins, so he didn’t have much time left.
He was most suited for strategic guidance instead of dealing with such trivial matters.

The Tang family could not even be considered.
Old Master Tang was very fair.
If he gave something to her, he would give it to Tang Yue too.
Su Bei did not want to ruin this fairness.

Therefore, the best way was to find a suitable general manager.

However, before Su Bei could find a suitable candidate, Lu Weijian called.
“Sister Bei Bei, let’s have a meal together.
Bring your two munchkins and let’s find a place to have a small gathering.” “Mr.
Weijian, I remember that today is your birthday?” Su Bei asked doubtfully.
Shouldn’t there be a grand banquet for Mr.
Weijian’s birthday? Or at the very least, he should be spending it with his family, right? Why would he want to ask her out?

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Lu Weijian was pleasantly surprised.
“Sister Bei Bei, you remember my birthday?”

“…” It wasn’t that Su Bei remembered it but the news had already spread throughout Di Xing Media Company.
Many celebrities were discussing in low voices how Mr.
Weijian would be celebrating his birthday this year and whether he would come to the company.
It was hard for Su Bei not to remember.

She smiled and said reluctantly, “Of course, I remember.”

Lu Weijian said happily, “Then it’s settled.
Let’s meet at noon.
It’s the weekend.”

“I’ll treat you to the meal, Mr.
You’ve helped us a lot recently.
Treat this lunch as a token of our appreciation.”

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“Sure, sure.
Don’t waste your money.
We can just eat anywhere,” Lu Weijian said.
He missed his two nephews so much.
When Gun Gun Gun lived in Lu Hu International Villa, he could go visit anytime.

Now, Big Brother was protecting them too well.
He had become a loner and had not seen his nephews for a long time.
He even felt a little bored when he played his favorite game.

Su Bei put down the phone and quickly searched for high-end restaurants in the capital.
Since she wanted to treat Lu Weijian to a meal, she naturally couldn’t find a restaurant that was too shabby.

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