Chapter 815 With His IQ

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Su Bei nodded, and Lu Weijian added, “Back in the day, there were many people who invited me out, but you should know that those occasions are troublesome.
They’re not for meals.
They’re all for fake interactions.”

This was true.
For example, Su Bei would rather go home to cook dinner and eat with her husband and sons than go to so many events to socialize.
There, she would only drink a bellyful of wine and eat some cold food.

Before the dishes were served, Su Bei was about to say some words to Lu Weijian.
However, he was already in front of Da Bao and muttering some questions.
Su Bei could only hear words like ‘weapons’ and ‘equipment’.

Gun Gun also listened to them.

Lu Heting reached out to hold Su Bei’s hand and glanced at Lu Weijian.
At least his brother was sensible and knew to let him spend time alone with Su Bei.

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“Isn’t it inappropriate for us to neglect Mr.

“No, he’s alright.” With his intelligence, he was most suitable to play with Da Bao and Gun Gun anyway.

No, it was Gun Gun, not Da Bao and Gun Gun.

At the entrance of the restaurant that Su Bei had previously made a reservation in, Han Junting was about to kick up a fuss when her father, Han Qiangsheng, quickly walked over.

Seeing how furious her father was, Han Junting quickly went forward and held his arm.
“Dad, who made you angry? What happened?”

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“Who else? Other than you, who else could it be?” Han Qiangsheng’s voice was filled with rage.
Han Junting looked aggrieved, and her face fell.
“Dad, I haven’t told you about the grievances I suffered here just now.
How much business does the Han family bring to this restaurant every year? How much do they support their development? Who knew that they would even tell me that high-level VIPs are not as important as someone who made a reservation? I’m still fuming.
Dad, you have to help me! We won’t be able to eat here anymore!”

Han Qiangsheng suddenly reached out and gave her a slap!

Han Junting was stunned.
She reached out to cover her burning face.
“Dad, you hit me? But you never hit me!”

She had been pampered since she was young, but now her father had hit her like this? Was it because of what happened in the restaurant just now? It was obvious that the one in the wrong was not her!

“Do you know who you’ve offended? By acting so arrogantly in this restaurant, you’ve offended the man no one can afford to offend! You’ve caused a huge mess for our family! At best, we’ll go bankrupt; at worst, we’ll go to jail!” Han Qiangsheng’s voice was filled with anger and regret.
He hated himself for spoiling his daughter too much in the past, causing her to get into such a huge mess now.

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When Han Qiangsheng heard the news, he personally rushed over.
He even begged his father and mother to look for someone to plead for leniency with that man.
He didn’t know if there would be any results.
When he thought of this, his back was drenched in sweat.

Seeing her father like this, Han Junting finally realized the seriousness of the matter.
“B-But I didn’t offend anyone… The only person I offended was Su Bei…”

“How can you be sure that this lord isn’t the one backing Su Bei? You’ve really been spoiled rotten by me!” Han Qiangsheng said angrily.
Han Junting’s face turned pale.
“I was wondering why Su Bei dared to challenge me time and again.
It turns out that she has really hooked up with a big shot and has a sugar daddy…”

Before she could finish speaking, Han Qiangsheng slapped her again.
“Only you would say such nonsense!”

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