all unlike himself.
The three-leaf man was equally perplexed by the sight of iron birds soaring through the sky and boxes hurtling along the ground.
Nevertheless, he knew that these images pleased the god and so he had diligently etched them all over the temple and beyond.

Rico, the enigmatic god, would often pause beneath the frescoes and reliefs, silently contemplating them.
But today was different.
He singled out a tiny figure in one of the paintings and pointed to it.
“Look!” he said to the three-leaf man.
“This is people.” Eager to confirm his identity, the three-leaf man quickly nodded in agreement.
“I…I…People too!” he exclaimed.
But Rico shook his head, telling him that he was not human.
Rather, he was a Mitsuba, an intelligent creature created by Rico that had evolved from trilobites and taken on a human form.

The three-leaf man was confused, not understanding the difference between a human and a trilobite.
As they walked together in the corridors outside the temple, Rico explained that he and the three-leaf man were both alone.
The human race existed in a faraway land, and the Mitsuba race comprised only the three-leaf man.
It was at this moment that the three-leaf man grasped the concept of race and realized that Mitsuba was not his name but rather the name of his entire species.
He was not a person, and this realization filled him with sadness.

“I…also…want…name!” the three-leaf man exclaimed.

Rico suddenly had an idea.
Since the fusion monster could copy the traits of living beings and merge them, why not use this power to create an entire race of Mitsuba? The three-leaf man knelt on the ground and prayed, and Rico casually gave him a name.
Your name is Ledley,” he said.
The three-leaf man cheered with joy, like a child, and his sadness quickly dissipated.

The fusion monster, a mythical creation that was both fascinating and terrifying, had a unique ability to manipulate the genetics of different organisms.
It was a biological machine that could violently rob other creatures of their organs and fuse them together, resulting in a completely new organism with a combination of traits from its parent organisms.
Rico had decided to use the power of this creature to create a new race of beings, one that combined the characteristics of Ledley and his predecessor, the Trilobite.

However, this process was not without its challenges.
The fusion monster's output was often unpredictable and random, making it difficult to achieve the desired results.
It required a great deal of luck and uncertainty to produce the creature that Rico had in mind.
Despite this, Rico was confident that he would succeed.
He had nothing but time and was willing to put in the effort necessary to create the perfect being.

As Rico stood in the main hall of the temple, he called upon the fusion monster.
It heard his divine will and climbed up to the front of the temple, its fleshy-like body squeezing towards the palace's interior.
The creature had strange green eyes of different sizes that scanned the room, looking for its next command.

Rico knew exactly what he needed from the creature.
“I want you to give me the shell,” he said firmly, his eyes fixed on the monster.
The power of the fusion monster was concentrated in its shell, making it possible to remove the shell and use it to create a new being.

The hundreds of terrifying big eyes stared at Rico, but he felt a sense of innocence from the creature.
It was a divine creation that didn't understand what he was saying or the meaning behind his words.
It only needed him to give it a command, and it would follow it blindly.

As he worked to create the new race of beings, Rico couldn't help but think about Ledley and the power of his wisdom.
He realized that the three-leaf man was not weak, but possessed a rare and valuable strength.
Ledley had the ability to observe and understand the world around him, to create, to innovate, and to communicate with others.
These qualities were truly miraculous, and Rico knew that they would be passed down to the new beings he was creating.

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