{ Chapter 11 – The Truth }


The day after the academy incident:


As soon as I woke up from my bed, I went online and found that the whole world was upside down.


[ The main culprit behind the academy disaster was Trauma, but his motives were still unknown.]


[18 dead, many wounded.
Even top heroes and faculty were not able to avoid death…]


[The villains are getting stronger day by day…  But the measures to stop them are still slow.]


An unprecedented incident in which 3 top heroes, 4 faculty members, and 11 students had died.


[Is the complacency of the International Hero Academy okay?]


Naturally, the media was firing its guns at the Academy.


[Hero Gallery Form]


[Title: Summary of Yesterday’s Trauma] (1214)


[Title: Transformed Beast's Activity Scene.jpg] (874)


[Title: Embrace the Absolute commander Princess.gif] (619)


[Title: The sympathetic past is revealed again!] (357)


However, the community reaction that Pandora showed me was a little different.


[Did all 3 top heroes die because of Trauma?]


[Looks like his men killed them]


[What is it? One subordinate is at the level of a villain league executive?]


Quite a lot of people were paying attention to 'Trauma', the main culprit of the incident.


[Isn’t it just that the hero was weak?]


[Does the top hero look like a d*ck]


[Heroes are f*cking sh*t (×) Villains are so strong (o)]


[Why do crazy people come out as the days go by]


[I guess I’ll have to be careful for a while…]


Of course, the majority was wary or fearful of the new supervillain.


[Still, That vice principal is a little likable, isn’t he?]




[I became the villain because that bastard was naughty at the academy lol.]


[This villain bastard…]


But there were also a few people who liked him.


[But why did he save the Absolute commander and the students?]


[Really, no one knows.


[Isn’t that the monster vice principle is also released in the first place? lol]


[But according to the results of the investigation, the beast is separate from this case?]


Whatever the case might be, Super Villain Trauma seemed to be successful in leaving a deep impression on everyone from day one.


“Hey, how did all this happen?”


The problem was that the supervillain ‘Trauma’ was none other than the old black agent.


“Why are you all my subordinates?”


Lying in bed blankly, looking at the information of yesterday’s incident, I asked a question to the executives who were gathered next to me.


“Because we all went to battle with our masks on, hiding our identities.”


“…It’s a surprise.”


However, the person who answered the question was Paradise, who was sitting next to me and smiling.


“You are a newbie who will become the final weapon of the Villain League, so you should have a name value like this.”




So, after taking a deep breath for a while, I looked into Dice’s eyes and started asking questions all at once.


“Hey, I have a question.”




“What the hell are those monsters? I think you can see them too.”




“Not only that.
Why do you know who Lumia is? Why do people called 'villains'  or 'executives' fight monsters?”


Then, there was a moment of silence in the room.


“Explain everything to me.”




Dice, who had closed her eyes for a moment, took my hand and got me up.


“Follow me.”




“I’ll tell you everything.”


So, with the support of her and the other executives, I arrived at an old library downstairs that I had never been to before.


“This is a record left by the first head of the Villain League.
Please read it thoroughly.”


With a flick of her finger, Dice took out the old record from the safe and handed it to me.




And then, all the common sense I knew began to change.






[ To, all future villains who will see this record.


We have one secret.


You probably know about the translucent screen floating before our eyes, at the moment of corruption. 


You probably read the mysterious instructions written on it and chose the path of the villain.


And you’re probably bewildered by now; Because things that had not been seen before became visible to you.


Yes, there are unknown beings in our society.


Those hidden monsters with no way of identifying since they melted among people.


A being with reason and purpose, just like a human, but different from the ‘beasts’ that are born from the mutation of non-human creatures.


That’s why I decided to call that existence a ‘monster’.


Do you know the purpose of us villains?


You probably don’t know.


That's why you are here.


So let me tell you…


The reason you became a villain must have been because of vengeance or despair.


But you know…


As the ‘first villain’, I was directly assigned a role by the ‘system’ that was briefly given to me; Join forces with the ‘monsters’ and destroy the world.


It was a very simple command.


In order to carry out that simple command, the villains, including me, were endowed with the ability to identify monsters.


So, at this point, I would like to ask you a question.


Why are we fighting ‘monsters’ and not heroes?


The reason is actually quite simple.


It was because I, who was the first villain, and my colleagues gathered together to reject fate.


Think about it.


Why do we have to follow the command of an absurd being to destroy the world by poking in the status window that appeared only in novels and anime of the past?


Wasn’t the reason you decided to become a villain because you wanted to be free?


A huge divine being, or someone with that kind of power, turned our normal world into entertainment overnight.


As long as such a person exists, as long as such a world continues, we will never be free.


So we decided to resist.


We refused to play our assigned roles;


We decided to hunt monsters instead of heroes.


Perhaps the fact that you are reading this is proof that our will has been passed down to that time.


So, I urge you to join us.


Use your sense of revenge and despair as a weapon to overcome the false tendencies and malice created by ‘Villainization’.


Kill those monsters who have occupied the vested interests of society, and resist those who try to take away our freedom.


Even if they are hidden right away, let as many as possible people know the existence of those monsters…


Until one day, a ‘protagonist’ appears who can use the system he received at no cost to end the false age.


To the self-proclaimed god who dared to underestimate humans.


Let’s make him pay.


PS: But don’t try to be a hero.
Villains are free because they are villains.









When I completed reading the old paper that seemed to have passed through a lot of people's hands, I asked a question to Dice, who was quietly standing next to me.


“Is this…
Is everything true in this?”


There are no lies.”


Then, she answered by holding my hand again.


“The first villain.
He chose to struggle, not to conform to his fate as recorded.”




“However, the existence that made our world this way must have been quite skeptical.”


Her expression darkened slightly.


“He started contacting the heroes instead of the villains who turned their back on him.
And he started bringing a lot of heroes on the same side.”


“So, what I saw yesterday…”


They’re all fallen heroes.”


Only then did I realize; Justia…
it wasn’t really a coincidence that she kept falling into the abyss.


It means that the present era was not the era of peace where heroes triumphed.


The world of heroes I knew was fake.


I was living in an age of darkness, full of lies and deceit.


“We’re going to start an all-out war from now on.”


It was so shocking that I still had a blank expression on my face and was losing my mind.


Dice spoke in a serious voice.


“We’ve been trying to make the existence of ‘monsters’ known to the world for a long time, but all of them have been covered up.
It’s the monsters that rule society.”




“But now we have Pandora and you.”


'Pandora? and me?'


'What does that mean?'


“We are no longer behind in information warfare.
With Pandora’s technology, they will no longer be able to hide information.”


That made sense.
Pandora’s skills were at an unprecedented level, perhaps only appearing once in 100 years.


The proof was that yesterday’s live broadcast was successful in continuing until the server was physically closed.


“And you are the only one who can defeat the fallen protagonist.”


However, her next words did not make sense.


“Who is the fallen protagonist in the first place?”


“Lumia Obse.
She’s one of the main characters in this world.”


So, when I asked the question while tilting my head, her shocking answer came back.




“The record of the first villain is true, Ha-neul.
Our world has really become a place for entertainment.”


It was a story that was hard to believe.
I honestly wondered how Dice knew that.




However, in this world where there were many supernatural powers that could not be explained by science in the first place, it was a little funny to argue about such things.


“Our goal is to find the other main character.”


“You mean there’s… one more main character?”


“Yes, and we have to grow them.
Of course, all the children in the same class, 1st grade.”


So I quietly nodded, and Dice, who came out of the study with me, spoke again in a reverent voice.


“I know the future.
The final battle will happen in a few years.”


“You… know the future?”


For a moment, I was taken aback by what she said.


'She knew the future?'


'How is that possible?'


“The Academy is one of the few institutions that hasn’t been taken over by monsters.”


“But how you…”


“About me, I’ll explain it to you when I get a chance someday.”


As I was quietly sweating, Dice whispered to me.


It seemed that she had no intention of explaining it now.


“So, Ha-neul.”


My head was pounding because of so much new information, I thought it was better to not know anything more right now. 

But Dice, who was walking and holding my hand, suddenly stopped.


“Do you still want to be with us?”


For the first time, emotions came to her face, which had always been mysterious.


“You know, it’s like half-tricking you.”


“It doesn’t matter.”


She looked like a puppy who was afraid of being abandoned.


“Dominating Hands is not a group of heroes.
To kill a monster, they will do any dirty work, and they will kill countless lives that cannot be atoned for.”




It was really surprising that she could make such an expression too.


“Even if it’s all over, no one will recognize us.”


“It’s just like Agent Black.”


“We will be forever forgotten by everyone.”


“That’s rather what I want.”


And it was a little funny too.


Because it was like I couldn’t live without a puppy.


“Still, if you still want it…”


As I quietly approached her, who was leaning on the railing, Dice began to gently caress my left eye, which had become blind as a cost.




She put her arm on my shoulder in that state, leaning her head slightly, and whispered.


“On becoming part of our family.”

In the vast situation, in the room stretching between me and her, the villains who had just become a family were busily coming and going.


“It’s an honor.”


I was living without hope,


So I found my reason for living.












Meanwhile at that time:




The Absolute commander, who was sitting on a chair in the hospital where she was admitted, quietly stared at the documents in her hand.


[Genetic test results]


It was none other than the result of genetic testing.


She had collected the blood of ‘Trauma’ from her clothes and entrusted a test to determine family relationships.


“I knew it.”


And the result-


[Clan Chance: 00.03%]


-was inconsistent.


“A guy like you can’t save me, right?”


A cold smile crept across her lips.


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