{ 5 – Executives }


The day after I was narrowly rescued by Dice from the horrible situation I experienced because of the 'executives.':


After recovering my body enough to move from my seat, I decided to go introduce myself to the executives who had returned to their respective rooms.
So I told Dice that I will meet everyone today but she responded to me with a worried expression.


“I'll step in just in case, all you have to do is just shout out loud.”




“Yesterday, I told them well, so it won't be a big deal”


Dice’s meaningful expression while sitting on the sofa in the lobby made me a little uneasy, but I couldn't help but face the people I would be living with in the future.


But before I could say anything, Dice suddenly asked me.


“Did you know that the trump card pattern is given to the executives of our Dominating Hands as a position?”




“Then, go to the nearest 'Heart' room first.
And don't get eaten?”




After receiving Dice's recommendation, the first executive I went to was 'Heart', who was ranked third.


“Oh, hello.”




Her Villain name was Twin Sister.


She had a fairly mature image, and according to my information, she was a ‘fallen nun’ who once caused a large-scale unrest in the Vatican.


“Come inside.”


And that information didn't seem wrong.


Because behind her smiling face as she asked me to come inside, there were quite a lot of manly tools.


“Oh, wait a minute.”


Seeing my stunned eyes, she turned around and looked back at her room, then opened her eyes wide and closed the door.


“…Whoops, please pretend you didn't see it.”


And in her room, which was opened again after a while, the figure from earlier was now nowhere to be found.


All she had now was a bible and a computer.


“Are you broadcasting…?”


“Yes, I do religious broadcasting.
I’m the leader of a religion.”


As she said that, the Nutube silver button on top of her desk was quietly twinkling.


“As recommended by Pandora, I started online broadcasting, and more people followed my doctrine. What is it? There were a lot of strange people who used unknown terms and sent me numbers? But…”




For some reason, I couldn’t erase the fact that she was misunderstanding something, but I buried it in my heart because it was obvious that digging into it would cause me trouble.


“Um, anyway… Nice to meet you.




As I sat on the chair she pulled out and was about to introduce myself, she suddenly pushed her head towards me.


Her face was so close that I could barely breathe.


'It was the same with Paradise, aren't the villains here wary?'


“You look a little cute?”




As I was scratching my head while avoiding her gaze to the side, she was staring at me and suddenly licked her lips.


“Do you have any dating experience?”






Saying that she starts stroking my hair and said.


“Why is your right eye covered with hair?”


“…Since childhood, my right eye is weak to external stimuli, so I usually cover it.”


“Oh, you poor thing.”


For some reason, her voice began to sound soft.


“I am weak to stimulation too.”


'Come to think of it, it seems that a strange scent is spreading through the room from before.


'Is it just my feeling?'


“Um… that’s weird…”


After stroking my hair for such a long time, she, who was smiling, murmured with a slightly bewildered expression on her face, then continued her words.


“At this point, the effect should appear.”


“There… no.”


To her, I decided not to explain that the ability of the psychic type did not work on me.


Because of my ability, I have never struggled with mental ability until now.


'By the way, what is she trying to do with me now?'


“Hey, is there anything different from before?”


“Um, it did get a little hot…


is that so?”


I couldn’t understand her intentions, but I wasn’t particularly harmed, so I sat still, and 'Heart', who was looking at me softly, whispered in a low voice.


“Hey, I have a favor to ask you.”




“Please hypnotize me.”




'Ask me to hypnotize…
What is she talking about?'


Before I could ask anything she replied to my confused look.


“I have severe insomnia these days.”


Having said that, Heart whispered again to me while carefully holding my hand.


“So I think I need a little change of common sense…”


'Aha, that was it. 


'If that's the case, I'm an expert here.'


I thought that and said to her.


“Come on, take a look here.”


“…Ah yes.”


I pulled out my smartphone from my pocket and shoved it at her, and she began to focus on the screen with an excited expression on her face.


“Slowly…slowly…falls right into it.”




Just like that, I started hypnosis on her.




I was surprised.


Because my hypnosis was not omnipotent.


In order to hypnotize, I needed to know something about the subject I was hypnotizing.


In fact, it was natural.
Hypnosis was not forced, as was often portrayed in the media, as it required rapport with the other person.


Even in the last case, if I hadn’t used ‘detection’ to find out the guards’ information in advance, such large-scale hypnosis would have been impossible.






“Heart ssi?”




So, if I didn't know about the other person, there was only one way to hypnotize them.


It was just that the other person had to think they wanted to be hypnotized by themselves.


“…a strange person.”


Of course, such people were extremely rare.


But besides that, wasn't it normal to have a slight rejection?


However, there was no rejection at all for this person.


'She really is a strange person.'


‘Well, it's fine.’


I looked at Heart with a slightly questionable look, and then I scratched my head and started to operate my phone.


“Fatigue reset, deep sleep, muscle relaxation… And if I adjust the sensitivity to this level…”


As Paradise and Pandora incorrectly referenced the data, the hypnosis app had only all sorts of bizarre options.


“Okay, at this rate, She will be in the best condition within a few days.”


However, after repeated trial and error, I succeeded in combining various options to make a special suggestion for ‘fatigue recovery’.

– Snap!


“Heart ssi, it’s over.”


I ended the hypnosis by snapping my fingers and started explaining it to her with a confident expression.


“…Oh, I’ll be back.”


Then, Heart became dead eyes and began to mumble.


“Doing hypnosis… recovering from fatigue? Is he crazy?”




“In case you didn’t know, I even sprayed an aphrodisiac gas… But then why? Why…”


'What am I hearing right now?'


‘It’s so different from yesterday.’


The woman who came to me yesterday with other executives was a pious figure, more suited to a ‘nun’ than a ‘fallen nun’.


Because she was preaching the doctrine with a calm expression and tone, even the appearance of a faithful church sister was seen.


“What are you?”


'But, why has she changed 180 degrees now?'


“Hey, maybe you…”


I looked at Heart, who had been talking obscenely for a long time, feeling the huge gap between us.


“There is no bottom…”


“Heart sii?”


While saying that, I suddenly saw her unconscious with her head lowered, and jumped up from my seat in a fright


“Hey, are you okay?”


She fell asleep, I did take a 'sleep' option that she should not wake up for tolerable things, but I didn't take a sudden fainting like this as an option.


'Is this a side effect of hypnosis?'


'If so, that’s a big deal.'


“…I’m sorry.”


Just when I was full of worries and was about to support Heart, she suddenly opened her eyes and got up from her seat.


“I’m sorry.”




“I have no face.
I’m really sorry…”


Then, suddenly, she started bowing her head to me.


“As a person who serves God, I dare to seduce a man…”


“Uh, um.”


“Please, relieve your anger…”


“What's going on?”


I couldn’t figure out how things were going, so I asked the question with my eyes wide open.


“Ah, that’s it…”


It was only after hearing her explanation with a sullen expression, I could understand everything.


“…I have dissociative identity disorder.”




She was none other than a double personality.


‘This must be the reason why her villain’s name is Twin Sister…’




Only then, I understood the meaning of her villain name and nodded, but Heart, who remembered something, ran somewhere like a shotgun.


“Well then… See you later…”


Soon after, she quickly pushed the silver button that had been placed on her desk into her drawer and looked at me.




'I think I'll just have to pretend I don't know about the manly tools I saw when I entered the room.'









The next executive to visit after Heart was Pandora, who was in charge of ‘Clover’ and was ranked 4th in the hierarchy.






As soon as I entered her room, which was filled with countless computers and monitors, she started sending messages to my smartphone without fail. 


[ Mr.


[ Ahjussi ]


Honestly, I thought introducing myself to her would be the most difficult.
Because she always communicated only through text, so I had never heard her voice too.
But she looked younger than an academy student, always had sleepy eyes, a face half buried under her clothes, and hair that was always curly, nonetheless, if her face was revealed, her beauty was so high that she had a fan base despite being a villain.


It was because all of those things created synergy and gave off a cold, sober atmosphere that seemed hard to approach recklessly.


[Save me.]




However, that was my mistake.


[This is hell.]




[All of them are only children living in the present.
Aren't people supposed to do some internet and communication?]


Pandora, the best hacker at the time, even being called the ruler of the network, was an introvert.


“You don’t get along well with the others?”


[ I'm scared because I don't know what Heart and Spade are thinking.
Grandpa Diamond keeps trying to get me to exercise.
He is my main enemy. ]




[At least she is decent.
However, the code is not correct because she is crazy.]


It was a severe attack, thrown alone by a group of insiders.


[ Hey, aren’t you playing games? Ahjussi? And What about Anime? Do you know how to program? ]


“Uh, that’s…”


[ Or maybe a hero gallery? Please tell me you do that one.


Despite the chat, I carefully moved my gaze to her, who seemed to be dripping with desperation.


Then she caught my eye, wiggling her fingers, full of anticipation and worry.


[ Don't lie.
Just because you don't want to get caught up in my entertainment… ]




I couldn’t bear to betray her.


“I can program… a little bit.”




Upon hearing that, Pandora’s eyes widened slightly.
So I continued.


“Let’s play some games.”


Pandora’s eyes widened even more.


“I don't see any anime…


I told the truth because it seemed a bit out of place to include the children’s anime I watched as a child.




Then, Pandora’s eyes shook slightly.


“…Hey, Hero Gallery? You do that?”


Her chatting, saying that she didn’t want to be victimized by the insider’s play, flickered in front of my eyes.


After seeing her eyes, I had no choice but to tell a lie.


[ Nah.




When I finished answering the question like that, she was so nervous that she shook her hand and sent me a chat with a typo.


[Friends Hhjussi?]


Just like that, I managed to make my first friend since becoming a villain.








“Ah, boy! Are you here?”


Um, Mr.


“Haha! Just call me Grandpa!”


After listening to Pandora’s complaints for a while in her room, I was finally released, and the next place I headed was the room of the second-ranked ‘Diamond’.


“Well then, let’s see your weight first.”


The information about this old man, who was characterized by tight muscles and a bald head, was so famous in the world that I was well aware of it.


In the past, his villain’s name was 'Mangtae Grandpa'.

He was once a respected figure as a top hero, but now he was a serial kidnapper who only targeted 'teenagers'.




“Please help me…
I won't do that again…”




“Help me…”


In a corner of the room covered with fitness equipment, there were bloody guys piled up, so the information seemed to be true.


“Heh heh, haven’t I explained my abilities yet?”


As I was staring at the guys who were completely covered in blood, Diamond lifted me up and put me on the scale, and started talking with a chuckle.


“My ability is to turn trash into the wood.”


He glanced at my weight and height and wrote it down on the record, then snapped his fingers as he said so, and started to move towards the bloodied guys.


“It’s a little different from the abilities I know.”


“Hmm, is that so?”


'How did this happen?'


'As far as I know, the concept that resides in him is the concept of ‘muscle’; To turn muscles into the wood, not trash.


Because I was so sure of his past as a top hero, that he was the clearest in information even in the dominating hands piled up in the veil.


'Could it be that he hid his powers like me?'


“Okay, but let’s see.”


As I was alone in my doubts, he, who picked up one of the bloody guys, spoke to me in a low voice.


“This guy has been stealing by abusing his concept without reporting it.
Mainly targeting elderly people living alone and orphans with poor security.”


“Please, forgive me…”


“The guys over there harassed the unawakened as a group and made them commit suicide.”




“The guy at the bottom sexually assaulted three female students with his powers.”


The old man who said that inserted a straightener into the stomach of the guy he was holding.


“There are still overflowing boys who can make wood!”




“Nowadays, science has advanced, so it’s an era in which plant humans can be revived in no time!”


It seemed that his ability really was the ability to turn ‘trash’ into ‘wood’.










Around the time when Kang Ha-neul was wandering around the airship for a long time.


[Test Ended: 10 sec 52 millscand]




Spade, the No.
1 ranked ‘executive’ who destroyed over a hundred dummy dolls in the training ground with a yo-yo, quietly frowned when she saw the record on the screen.


“Isn't the record very slow today?”




“Is there anything that worries you?”


Dice appeared behind her and asked a question with a smile.


“…I should have told you not to show up behind me suddenly.”


“Sorry, but I really want to see you surprised.”


Spade, who was on alert while holding the yo-yo tightly, sighed and walked forward after hearing those words.


“Soon Kang Ha-neul will come to say hello, is it okay to be like that?”


“What does it matter?”


“Your body is all sweaty.”


After hearing that, she sighed and began to take off her sweaty vest.


“…I haven’t acknowledged him yet.”


Spade, revealing a body full of scars that contrasted with her white skin, muttered, holding a murderous intent in her eyes.

“He hasn't even been tested, but he is an executive.
his qualifications haven't been verified yet.”




“Besides, for some reason, there was no runaway that happened during villainization.”




“And the strangest of all, it's you.


After hearing that, Dice scratched her head quietly.


“I hope you weren’t hypnotized.”


“It’s okay because I'm not.”


Then, she muttered with a slightly vague look.


“…It’s just that there was a relationship a long time ago, a very long time ago.”


Spade still looked at her with a dissatisfied expression.


“Are you going to tell him all the secrets of our organization?”


“After the first mission that starts tomorrow.”


Dice answered with a smile to Spade's question and asked in a serious voice.


“That will be his admission test and qualification evaluation.”




With those words, Spade was silently looking at Dice without arguing any further.




– Druck…!




Then the moment she sighed and was about to head to the shower room.


“I’m here to say hello…”


It was Kang Ha-neul, who suddenly opened the door of the training room and entered.




The brief silence started like that.




Spade that covered her body belatedly pulled out the yo-yo with a cold expression on her face.


“I’m going to kill you.”


“…Why is that? We are on the same team.”


Looking at such a Spade, it was Kang Ha-neul who muttered with an expression that he did not understand what was wrong.

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