ation for injury, but this didn't even pass through my mind.4However, what was caught in my hand was not a mirror, but a frog egg.
A frog egg the size of a bouncy ball that Ella gave me to keep.
This came from a monster, so it shouldn't be an ordinary item.Now let's think about how to use this?…I don't know!”Hya!!”I threw the frog egg at [Turbo Granny].
It was next to impossible to aim accurately at her in the dark.
It was a gamble.The moment the frog egg left my hand, the jewel embedded in my necklace emitted a green light.[Luck: May good luck follow those who do not give up.]Splash! The sound of objects colliding with each other.Right after that, my vision shook a little.”This…!”I immediately noticed the change that had happened to me.
[Turbo Granny]'s footsteps could be heard from behind!'The location has switched!'The finish line is just ahead.
However, [Turbo Granny]'s footsteps chases me too quickly.
If this continues, I will surely be overtaken at the finish line.
And it'll end.'I'll lose.'Like the darkness of this tunnel that surrounds myself, solitude wraps my body.
The loneliness of having no one by your side when you need someone's help.
I don't see any friends who can alleviate this heart-wrenching despair.Lonely.'But I'm already used to that!'

Ever since my parents passed away, I've been lonely.
So I'll run.
I'll run even though I know I'll lose!With the intention of dying.The jewels on the necklace begin to glow orange.[Survival: May those who are prepared for death reach the end]I suddenly felt the sticky energy that had been entangling me disappear, and at the same time, I lost consciousness for a moment.”…”When I came to my senses, I was breathing heavily.
How did the match go? I looked around and found myself outside the tunnel.
Then [Turbo Granny], who was frowning, caught my eye.[Tsk…
How…]5With those words, [Turbo Grandma] disappeared.
Instead, there was a round glass bead falling in its place.
Judging that it was clearly important, I put it in my pocket.Right now I don't see the others.
When Ella explained the operation, she said the [Infernal Hands] won't pose a problem for them, so they should be safe.Even so, I wanted to see my members quickly.I entered the tunnel again.POV Switch – EllaAfter defeating the [Spider Attendant], I decided to enter the tunnel and bring the children.The first one I met was Eun-jeong.”Stop! Don't do it! Don't!”She was caught by the hands and was being harassed.
You've been through a lot, and you've got a lot of credit for helping the other kids being less disturbed.
I swung the knife and saved her.Eun-jeong was scared and followed me by sticking to me.
From your point of view, I am also a murderer, but since I am also a child, do you see me as someone you can rely on right now?The next one we met was Suho and Kyeong-min, who were stuck at the edge of the tunnel and caught by the [Infernal Hands].
Let's ask them why they were on the edge like this, with their complexion looking pale and shivering.On the way, they couldn't chase after Ha-rim, so they hit the side of the tunnel to try to draw aggro from [Infernal Hands].This idea was surprising.
they are smart kids.
It must have been scary, but you did well.And the last one I met was Ha-rim.
Seeing that my leg wasn't cut off, it seemed that she had won the match.
As evidence of that, she is holding a marble.It always amazes me.
It seems that she used the artifact somehow, and I was very curios about the method.But you're probably tired, so you'll have to put my curiosity aside.”Today ends with this! Let's go back now.”

As we were leaving the tunnel, I thought as I cut down the hands that were in my way.
Is there any way to get rid of these guys? I remember that there was no way to permanently eradicate the monsters that were assimilated with the map.
But it's annoying to experiment.We made our way to the entrance and went outside.
The appearance of children who could not be seen well in the dark is clearly visible.
There doesn't seem to be any injuries.But for some reason, I felt empty, like I'm missing something.When the children looked at each other and turned their heads to me, the boys turned their heads to the side hurriedly, their ears seemed a little red, and still very scared.”Ella! The…
The skirt!”When I looked down at Eun-jeong's words, a [Infernal Hand] that followed from the darkness of the tunnel pulled up my skirt…
Slash!”…You'd better forget it.”Am I angry with the children when I'm an adult? I am.Fortunately, the skirt was long, so they couldn't even see my panties, but it was embarrassing because it was almost visible.Even so, I'm really sorry that I'm taking my anger out….No, I'm not mad.
Don't give me the chocolate, Ha-rim.After that, the way home with me and the children gave off an awkward time.

TL notes

Erm, I’m not too confident with this sound effect, hopefully it isn’t bad.
Ella is quite the badass.
Quite the weird scream, should I change it?
Originally, it’s in the third person.
The MTL is “If it was a regular race, it would be a foul, and she would have to appear at the police station for injury, but this innocent child was pure even in her thoughts.”
What sound does a frog egg even do when bursting…?
The MTL is kinda confusing, so I improvised.

A great chapter I would say, lot’s of badass moments, tense situations and light hearted comedy right at the end.
Sorry for the delay, I was just so occupied with my job that I didn’t find the energy to translate.
And next week I have a test so I’m cramming stuff right now, what a pain…

As always, any errors just say, and I hope you liked reading it~

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