Chapter 10 – Finden Ai

In Necromancy, the most difficult aspect is none other than communing with souls.

Unless they are extremely powerful souls or souls with deep resentment, ordinary people cannot see them.

Even the Necromancers, according to the book, can only perceive a few souls or spirits.

Because this was the realm of talent, not mana.

But I’m not like that.
I am different.

I see all spirits, even the common ones, and I have suffered greatly from them, but on the contrary, I can use them to my advantage.

Do the spirit souls contain mana?

“No, they’re just mana mass with consciousness.”

They are just a bunch of talking mana mass, and I convert their mana into magic.


〚My body is burning! It’s on fire!〛

〚Die! You’re dying too!〛

It burns until it consumes all of its own mana, creating a willful magic that follows the enemy.

‘Even though it’s just fireball magic, it is really this effective.’

Having a magic act on its own will was unquestionably advantageous.

The apprentice wizards are also simple to approach and organize by disrupting the Resistance with a shootable fireball.


That is not the problem.

If it was just Resistance, the Giant of the North, Darius, would have dealt with it.

They wouldn’t even have thought of crossing the mountain range.

It was the white wolf that bit the giant’s ankle.

Finden Ai’s strides were violent as she raced toward me.

I clicked my tongue at her speed which made me wonder if she had an engine attached to her feet.

“A monster is indeed a monster.”

A woman who was the final boss of a chapter.
It was a good thing that her weapons and equipment were not properly prepared yet.

‘There’s no reward given as a drop.
No landing machine, no vampire touch.’

I expected it, but she was quite different from the Finden Ai I knew as the boss.

It was shabby, with poor equipment.

I thought about digging into it, but as I watched her running towards me, I changed my mind.

“Not yet.”

Even if she’s a far cry from her level, I am still not enough to face her.

Darius made a terrible mistake by confronting the monster one-on-one.

I took another soul from my hand and converted the mana it contained into magic.

In an instant, it becomes an ice pick.


Finden Ai did not slow down, smashing the Ice without the slightest hesitation.

In addition, to prevent the broken Ice from easily returning to its original form, she snatched up the broken fragments and crushed them into powder.


The anguished evil spirit’s scream rang out.
To say it became magical was, in some ways, equivalent to saying it materialized.

It was only natural for them to suffer as well.

“You’re playing with them so amusingly, Necromancer.”

Finden Ai leaped high into the air.
With the snow falling hard, she was about to take me down from above.

The white god-like figure suddenly rushed at her, and Finden Ai’s body spun several times in the air before landing on the ground.


Finden Ai groaned as she coughed up blood and Sangun, who had struck her down with a single blow was now standing tall beside me.

『We, spirit beings, must not take lives recklessly.』

“I know.
Leave the finishing to me.”

With that, I glanced away to look at the members of the scrapyard, who have adapted to my magic.

“Bear! if you keep slashing, it will eventually run out of mana and disappear!”

〚Damn you son of a bitch!〛

〚Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!〛

〚Do I have to die again? No! I hate it!〛

“Ignore the bullshit, it’s only magic anyway!”

“Stop talking like a human to a fireball!”

〚No! I’m alive!〛

“Fucking bastards! You burn the whole inside of McTerry’s mouth? How can I kiss my wife!”

The scrap dealers reacted quickly after realizing that slashing the fireballs would cause them to vanish due to mana consumption, but they were also angry because of their initial panic, which resulted in the death of their companions.

That is what would have happened if Sangun hadn’t appeared.


As if a sports car had rammed into them, they failed to properly confirm the appearance of Sangun before their bodies collapsed to the ground.

“Uh, what the hell!”


Unable to scream properly, they just rolled in the snow, their voices muffled by the sudden pain and broken bones.

‘There was a reason I was full of confidence.’

I realized that Sangun was not bluffing when he said he could easily kill ten thousand men single-handedly.

The enemies that Darius and the Northweden’s soldiers had struggled with so much were wiped out in the blink of an eye.

Not exaggerating, really, it was a blink of an eye.

Sangun strode majestically among them, his deep blue eyes pressing into mine once more.

『I hope you don’t forget the Oath』

“Is it possible? The Northweden Mountains will no longer allow humans.
I will make sure of it.”


With a single throaty sound, Sangun disappeared into a crystal of white light, which gradually rose into the sky in contrast to the falling hammer snow.


“As expected, your endurance is amazing.”

The struggling Finden Ai tried to get up right in front of me.
It was truly amazing that she still had the will to fight even after being hit by Sangun.

She was a difficult boss to deal with, which became stronger in moments of crisis.

I used one of the trapped evil spirits to create a chair to sit on.
I was going to make a simple Ice-stump-like chair.

I have no hands or feet, but I am an artist.〛

The soul I chose was a bit of an oddball, and he put his own design on the chair, resulting in a fairly elegant ice chair.

It’s not bad.

I sat down, crossed my legs, and spoke to Finden Ai.

“The Resistance of the Leaf Kingdom.
Finden Ai, the leader of the scrap metal dealer and your allies.”


In an instant, Finden Ai’s neck straightened and her blood-shot eyes trembled in confusion.

“Uh, how did you… … !”

“Do I really have to explain that?”


She may not have realized what had happened, but she knew the outcome was her defeat anyway.

Clenching her fists, Finden Ai tried to get up with her limp arms.

However, she continued to slip and fall in the piled-up snow again and again.

“Deus Verdi.
I’m the second son of the Earl of Northweden and the younger brother of Darius, the man you ruthlessly destroyed.”

“Deus… Verdi.”

“I’m not very well known.
Darius’s name was so prominent that it was overshadowed.”

Even in this situation, Finden Ai continues thinking of my name.
I was convinced that one day she will surely bite and kill.

So I clicked my tongue.

Finden Ai had a beastly side to her, and while she’s among the best in the continent in terms of strength, she lacks a cool head.

“Why do you think I am keeping you alive?”


“Answer me.
If you can’t answer that much, there’s no need to waste any more time.”

If Finden Ai couldn’t think more clearly than I expected, I would not hesitate to kill her

However, Finden Ai answered, biting her lip.

“Is there anything you want from us?”

“It’s an insufficient answer, but I’ll consider it a passing grade.”

Before I knew it, my chin was resting on the armrest that the evil spirit of the chair had fashioned for me.
This guy might be more useful than I realized.

“I’ve heard that the crackdown on the Resistance has intensified in the Clarke Republic.
I’m told it’s due to a specialized group called the Relief Unit.”

Relief Unit.

A professional organization created in the Clark Republic to eliminate Resistance such as the scrap dealers and others.

Before fighting Finden Ai, I could briefly use one of the Relief Unit as an ally, but this guy is quite strong.

“Relief Unit, huh.
Isn’t it just a group that exterminates pests?”

The meaning is being used as if it saves citizens and eliminates Resistances, but it’s just the same as the extermination used to eliminate pests.

It is no different than the remedy used to eradicate pests, and the pests, in this case, were the Resistance.

My lips twitched with cynicism.

It was a part where I could feel, at least in part, how they were treated.

“For you to be crushed to death here like this is a fitting end that the Republic wants.”

“You bastard… … !”

After several attempts to get to her feet, Finden Ai finally managed to lean her back against a tree.
However, the shaky legs showed no sign of recovery yet.

“However, if I had intended to do that, I would have already trampled you to death.”

“What from before… you mean.”

“Two things.”

I raised the index and middle fingers of my right hand.

“I give you two choices.
One is to stay here, buried in the snow, and be crushed to death by me.
Like a worm.”

Finden Ai was a popular character because she had her own backstory and was quite good-looking in design.

But I don’t need any of that.
It’s so useless that it can be thrown in the trash.

What’s important to me was…

She made countless players rack their brains, made them challenge several times, and created a level of difficulty that forced them to level up.

The strength of Finden Ai.

“The only thing left for you is to be mine.”

I needed her strength.


Before she could react properly, I slowly rose from my chair.

“If you obey my commands, if you follow them, I will give you everything you’ve ever sought in the kingdom.”

Finden Ai had fled the Clark Republic over the mountain range to the Griffin Kingdom for a variety of reasons.

The Relief Unit was too powerful for her, so her flight began there.

They were running low on supplies, had no power, and had no base of operations.

So, Finden Ai planned to go over to the relatively spacious kingdom, hoping to establish her own base, grow the size of the Resistance again in the kingdom, and return to the Republic.

In fact, in the game, she never made it to the Republic, but she did manage in growing the size.

“I will provide you with supplies, I will give you a place to stay, and give you a job to fund it.”

“What, what are you talking about?”

It’s not difficult to grasp.

Even an elementary school student should be able to understand this.

I’m scouting you.

“Even the Republic will not be able to attack us, the nobles and margraves of the Kingdom.”


“The other members are secondary.
Only you.
If only you would come under me.”

I got up from the chair and got down on one knee in front of Finden Ai who was leaning against the tree.

Our gazes were leveled.

I gently stretched out my hand to the startled and flustered woman.

“I will be a barrier to protect you.”

The younger brother of the Earl of Northweden.

The second son of the Verdi family.

The disbarred Professor of the Academy.

A damn near insignificant position.

However, for a wolf who has lived as a slave, fought in the Revolutionary Army, and needs a moment of rest.

It was a position that could serve as a windbreak.

“Five years,” I said, “and after that, I will set you free.
At that time, whether you go back to the Republic and start a revolution or give up and live, I won’t care.”

By then, I’ll know if the end of this world is a happy ending.
Or a fucking tragic one.


“Be mine, Finden Ai.”

(End of chapter………… Thank you for reading……………)

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