ng Jianguo.
According to the previous broadcast, she had successfully destroyed the ghost talk.
But Wang Jianguo had already become a staff member at that time.
It could be even said he was integrated into that ghost talk.

The story was destroyed, could he really survive?

Arriving at her door, she put her hand in her pocket to grab her house key.

“Huh? What’s this?”

She frowned and took out a key and a black wallet from her pocket.

The key was the key to her house, but where did this wallet come from?

As a qualified modern person, Su Rong was proficient in using various functions such as mobile pay, so naturally she didn’t carry a wallet on her.
What’s more, this was clearly a man’s wallet.

Was it stuffed in at the supermarket? Su Rong frowned, quickly opening the door and getting inside before opening the wallet.

Surprisingly, there was nothing inside except for two banknotes.

And these two 100 yuan bills turned out to be the banknotes used to clear the customs in the “Anle Supermarket” ghost talk!

Su Rong’s eyes were wide, quite puzzled.
“How did I bring this out?”

After a few seconds of surprise, her brain began to analyze automatically.

First of all, these two bills could not be used in reality, but only in the world of ghost talks.
If that was the case, then perhaps this was a reward for eliminating the source of pollution.

But what concerned her more was the wallet.

She was sure that the black wallet had another purpose.
After all, if this wallet was simply for holding bills, why not just put the money in her pocket, rather than giving her another purse?

She needed more knowledge to answer these questions.
Her original body’s knowledge about ghost talks was too shallow, not enough to answer her queries.

But before that……

Su Rong rubbed the center of her eyebrows tiredly, took a quick shower, then collapsed on the bed.
After just two days and one night, the drawbacks of ghost talks finally showed up.
Now she only felt mentally weak and drowsy.

In the ghost talk, her spirits were always highly tense, and she had to face various textual and psychological traps.
She had even witnessed various corpses.
Even for Su Rong, a detective who often assisted in police investigations, it was overwhelming.

Sleeping until the moon reached the treetops, Su Rong woke up leisurely.
She lay in a daze for a while, then jumped up from bed and went to the computer desk to search for news about ghost talks.

As soon as she clicked into the search engine, her eyes were attracted to the link at the top of the webpage— “Investigator ‘Coffee’, please click here.”

After a moment of hesitation, Su Rong chose to click it.

She was not afraid of revealing her identity.
After all, this link was visible to everyone, and there must’ve been a good number of curious folks who clicked on it too.
No one could track her down from the visitor data.

The only ones who could put this link at the top of the official browser was obviously the government.
The government chose to look for her at this time, simply to solicit and disclose some information.

She currently didn’t have any ideas about the other party’s solicitation, but she was very interested in the information she lacked.

Su Rong’s speculation was right.

“Dear Investigator ‘Coffee,’

The ‘Ghost Talk Investigation Bureau’ sincerely invites you to join us.
With us, you will get more information and better training.
If you have any concerns, please read the following content carefully.
It contains some basic information that investigators who have eliminated pollution sources need to know.”

After eliminating the source of pollution, you will get a reward item.
That is, a “ghost talk prop.”
The usage of these items must be explored by yourself. Please do not use these props in the real world.
Otherwise, you will be contaminated by “Him.” The frequency of re-entering the world of ghost talks is much higher for investigators who have eliminated pollution sources, rather than investigators who have cleared customs normally. The face, clothing, body, and voice of investigators who have eliminated pollution sources will be distorted by space, so there is no need to worry about being identified.

The four messages were short, but fully showed the government’s sincerity.
All four of these points were useful.

The first point’s purpose was to clear up what the black wallet was.
Presumably, it was the so-called reward item.
The second was to warn her.
After all, although the money couldn’t be used, she could’ve used the wallet.
The black wallet itself was also a gift from the ghost talk.
If she did use it, there was no guarantee she wouldn’t be contaminated by “Him.”

These damned ghost talks really dug pitfalls for investigators everywhere.

The third message was telling Su Rong that she would definitely enter the world of ghost talks again, and it wouldn’t take long.
In Anle Supermarket, Wang Jianguo told her that investigators would enter the world of ghost talks for a second time, but it was clear the government was deliberately concealing this information.

As for the last bullet point, it gave Su Rong some privacy and security so she didn’t have to worry about her identity being revealed, and so she wouldn’t have to rush to make a decision.

These messages were so sincere, they surprised her a little.
At least, if she were the one in power and wanted to take her into the organization, she wouldn’t have revealed this information.

If she didn’t know this information, she would definitely worry about the potential security risks caused by the leakage of her real face.
Knowing that many forces were looking for her, she must choose a side to protect herself.
The official organization, the “Ghost Talk Investigation Bureau,” was the best choice.

Facing such a sincere invitation, Su Rong couldn’t help but feel unsure.
Should she join the “Ghost Talk Investigation Bureau”?

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