could tell whether Min Jingyi was lying or not.

But strangely enough, it didn’t seem Huang Tao was lying either.

Aunt Li urged anxiously, “Let’s discuss later once we go to the daily living area.
Or we’ll be late and die here together.”

After saying that, she immediately spat out three times.
“Heavens, what am I saying!? This mouth of mine!”

Older people always believed metaphysic disasters came from the mouth.

Wang Jianguo nodded without further delay.
“Let’s go.
Go to the daily living area together.”

Su Rong pushed her cart filled with only a bag of rice and a case of mineral water, following the large group to the daily living area.

To get from the checkout counters to the daily living area, they had to cross through the food section and then pass through an open space.
Su Rong and Zhao Peng had already described in detail the abnormalities that would appear in the food area while they waited for the others.
As long as they were not frightened, there was no danger at present.
The group passed through without any incident.

The daily living department was a bit far from the registers, but luckily they left early and arrived on time before six o’clock.

There seemed to be a new room here, with towels and pillowcases and other supplies placed on the shelves against the left wall, and toiletries placed on the shelf next to the door.
Additionally, there were pots and pans.
It was worthy of being the daily necessities area.

As stated in the rules, there were six beds in the center of the room.
The wooden brown bed frame was layered with a thick, light-colored bedding.
The edge of the bed was surrounded by thick wooden planks of the same color as the bed frame base.
The overall shape seemed to be a coffin, specially tailored for the six of them.

”This…… is too unlucky, isn’t it?” Aunt Li expressed what several people had in their mind.

Zhao Peng frowned, tousling his green hair.
“There isn’t anything wrong with the bed right? It’s designed to look like a coffin, isn’t this just cursing us to die?”

He grumbled and walked over to touch the mattress inside the bed.
“At least the mattress is not too bad.”

Because Zhao Peng had berated her once before, Huang Tao, who was afraid of him, made a suggestion in a quiet voice.
“The style of these beds is terrible.
Why don’t we sleep on the floor?”

Aunt Li, who originally thought this kind of coffin bed was very unlucky, was won over by this suggestion deep inside her heart.
“I think we should! Isn’t there bedding on the shelves? If we directly lay it on the ground, shouldn’t it be alright?”

Wang Jianguo stared at the rule paper he brought over.
“But the rules specifically mention the trial bedding.
I think it may have an effect.”

”What effect can it have?” Aunt Li immediately retorted.
“Aren’t there also false rules? Maybe this broken bed is a trap set by ‘Him’ for us.”

Now Wang Jianguo also hesitated, unsure whether he should sleep in the bed.
Without enough information, the six coffin beds did look a bit weird.

While they were conversing, Su Rong was surveying the area.
The LED lights on the ceiling over the beds were very bright, but they were not as pale as outside, infused with a warm yellow glow.
Except for these beds, the overall appearance was mostly normal.
There was no strangeness

Suddenly, she noticed a corner of white paper at the back of the shelves.
You wouldn’t notice it without looking closely.
She went to pick it up and unfolded it.
It turned out to be another sheet of rules!

”Look! There are rules here!”

Rules for the Daily Living Area

The daily living area is a rest area we’ve prepared for customers.
It is brightly lit year round and the power will never be cut off. The items on the shelves can be used at will, but there will never be posters on the shelves in the daily living area.
If you see a poster, please ignore it.
Do not open it. You should sleep on the bed at night, and the toe of your shoes should not face the bed.
It can ensure customers will have a good sleep. Once the lights are turned off in the daily living area, no matter where you are, please climb into bed as quickly as possible.
Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences. If you don’t like the decoration style of the bed, you can remove the wooden boards around the bed. No one will like this style.

The rules in the daily living area were a little less than those in the entire Anle Supermarket.

What caught Su Rong’s attention the most was that, compared to the text in the “Anle Supermarket Shopping Guide“, this “Rules for the Daily Living Area” had a total of only two sentences marked in red.

——[The power will never be cut off.]

——[You can remove the boards around the bed.]

Su Rong eyes drifted to the coffin-like beds again.
Although sleeping in a coffin was indeed unlucky, what if this design was to protect them? If the surrounding wooden boards were removed, would the protective device be destroyed, giving “Him” an opportunity?

As she thought about it, the others also gathered around because of this new discovery.
Min Jingyi pat Su Rong’s head.
“Su Rong, you’re amazing! You discovered the rules twice.”

Su Rong pretended to be embarrassed and smiled.
“In fact, these two pieces of paper were placed on the table.
It’s not difficult to find them, I just happened to see it first.”

”Oh, how come there’s another rule?” Aunt Li frowned, “I can’t even understand one of them, what’s the point of having another one?”

At the edge of the crowd, Huang Tao bit her nails nervously.
It was unknown what she was thinking.

Wang Jianguo picked up the piece of paper and examined it carefully.
He made a decision after a while.
“We’d better sleep in the bed at night.”

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