es I haven’t been to,” Su Rong raised her voice.
“The seafood area and the warehouse.”

Zhao Peng took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.
He didn’t want to die.
“Isn’t it impossible to go to the warehouse? Then let’s visit the seafood area.”

This was for the best, Wang Jianguo nodded.
The three of them walked to the seafood area together.
There was no sound in the silent supermarket, but Zhao Peng always had a suspicious feeling that a dark shadow was passing by them.

At this time, he also felt his mentality was a little problematic.
But, “He” wouldn’t give people any time to recover.
Zhao Peng tried to calm himself down, but he still couldn’t help cursing in his heart.

The heavy smell of seafood assaulted their nostrils as soon as they stepped into the area, making them sick.
Su Rong was sure she could also smell a hint of blood.
Any detective living in her world would be very sensitive to this smell.

Several transparent water tanks that only appeared in aquariums were placed in the middle.
There were some water stains on the floor, as if the fish were splashing about.

The creatures in the tanks looked normal, like fish from the seafood section in a supermarket.

The only difference was that their pitch-black pupils seemed to hold an indescribable wisdom, staring at Su Rong and the others.

“These fish……” Zhao Peng gulped.
“They’re aren’t human, right?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Wang Jianguo reprimanded immediately with sternness.
“They are just fish.
Fish will not turn into humans, and humans will not turn into fish.”

Although he didn’t know if there was something wrong with these fish, it was generally acknowledged that they wouldn’t be changed by them.

Noticing the sticky note pasted to the corner of a water tank, Su Rong leaned over to read.
“Money clams are safe when they are trembling.
But when the clams are quiet, it is dangerous.”

“What does that mean?” Zhao Peng was full of doubts.
“Speaking of which, do you have some kind of radar? Every time, you find the clues.”

Given the reminder, Wang Jianguo also noticed this and gave a thumb-up.
“Very impressive.”

Su Rong thanked them calmly.
As a detective, her professionalism made her subconsciously pay attention to details and be more sensitive wherever she goes.
However, the rules in this ghost talk actually weren’t that difficult to find.
She deserved the praise.

“So what is a money clam? Is it something that predicts danger? I don’t see any clams in these tanks though?” Zhao Peng asked a lot of questions in one breath, looking very nervous and confused.

Likely because there were only three people left now, his temper had been restrained by a lot.
After all, he also knew Wang Jianguo had the experience and Su Rong had high IQ.
He was the most useless of the three.

These questions were what everyone wanted to know.
So far, a number of clues had been found, but they were scattered and hard to piece together.
It seems there was still a key piece missing.

“Money clam…… Customer……” Su Rong quietly pondered all the clues that they had found so far, and her eyes suddenly lit up.
“I think I understand!”

“What is it?” Knowing that Su Rong was smarter, Wang Jianguo asked her immediately when he heard her speak.

Su Rong’s eyes couldn’t hide her surprise.
She was almost ecstatic when she turned around.
“I know how we can get out! Why didn’t I think of it earlier? Customers! We are customers!”

Without waiting for the other two to ask again, she directly explained the method of leaving.
“As customers, as long as we pay for the items we intended to buy before, can’t we leave?”

One sentence woke them up from their stupor.

“That’s right, why didn’t I think of that?” Wang Jianguo thought carefully and found what Su Rong had said was really right.
Customers who bought something and want to leave the store should of course pay first.

The money clams may be the key props for them to get out.

“Great! We can finally get out!” Zhao Peng’s eyes were red.
“Where are these money clams? I want to leave this hellhole now!”

He had enough of the days of fear and the constant threat of death.
He didn’t want to stay here for a moment longer.

“Wait, there’s one more question.” Wang Jianguo suddenly recalled.
“How much do we have to pay? We’ll have to give the exact amount to get out, right?”

His question made Zhao Peng frown.
“I remember…… the things I got seem to cost 10-ish dollars? I just bought some shampoo products, definitely not expensive.
As long as we cough up enough money, shouldn’t we be good?”

“No, we must be cautious heading out.” Wang Jianguo refused.
“What if we let “Him” get out because we gave too much money?”

“Fuck! Why is it so troublesome!” Realizing what he said might be right, Zhao Peng ruffled his hair carelessly.
“Do we have to pay for the food we ate in this ghost talk?”

Su Rong, who had calmed down, said in a pensive voice, “The rules said that everything here is free.
Then we should only pay for the products from the normal supermarket.”

“What if that rule is false?” Zhao Peng asked back.

Because that rule was in black, Su Rong thought it was true.
But she definitely couldn’t say that, so she could only find an excuse.
“The products here don’t have any price tags.
If we had to pay for them, then we’d be as good as dead, no?”

That was true.
Zhao Peng didn’t intend to give himself trouble, so he nodded his head and agreed with Su Rong’s point of view.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed past everyone’s vision.

Zhao Peng, who was already mentally weak, jolted in shock and almost fell down.
“You……you saw that, right? That black shadow!”

Wang Jianguo had already assumed a fighting stance.
“I saw it.
What was that?”

“I suddenly remembered something.” Su Rong abruptly asked an unrelated question.
“Why do you think the lights in the daily living area turned off earlier?”

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