“Thank you very much.
May I serve you tea in return?”

“It’s okay.”

“Still, thank you very much.”

“Actually, I have urgent business to do.”

It was painful to see the blonde hair and blue eyes, so I refused repeatedly and the man’s face quickly turned pale.
Even this appearance resembles someone I know, and at that moment, I almost asked if it was him.

“My name is Miel.
Next time I see you, I will definitely invite you to tea.”

The man who was holding my hand and waving it disappeared at a faster speed than before.

“Wait, Miel? Does it end with El?”

I think we were of the same race, so we should have had tea together.

It was a pity, but that person had already left, and I went home as soon as possible after finishing errands and chores.
To deliver the egg before the sun goes down so the chef can bake delicious bread.
Bread without eggs tastes less delicious.

The bread made by our chef is Ber’s favorite, so I went to share it with him.

The outer regions of the Northern Empire are often plagued by monsters, but this place is as undefiled as pure white snow.

“It’s because I have this body.”

Ber shrugged at my words, and my guess grew more and more convincing.

Bernaldi, a different race, stronger than the elves, and has a lot of knowledge.
Besides, I’ve seen him use magic from time to time.
Perhaps his true identity is a dragon.

However, I decided to pretend not to know because it would be no fun to pretend I know his identity.


One day in my 20s, when I had such an excessively peaceful day, news like a bolt out of the blue came.

“… Going back to the capital?”

“Really, Euel.”

Father’s face, that had always been bright, was clouded.

“We have to go to Alin.”

“Why should we go?”

Father’s complexion was not very good when he delivered the news, but I couldn’t afford to be considerate of others.

“Why? Weren’t we supposed to live here?”


Father called me in a heavy tone, but my sane mind was half gone.
I didn’t want to go back there.

“Why are we called back to Alin now?”

“Euel is right, Millen.”


“If Euel wants it, I can stay here with her.”

I got too agitated.
I took a long breath and then exhaled it.

“I must have been too agitated for a while.
I’m sorry to startle you, Father.
Why do we have to go to Alin?”

“To Hardland, who was expelled from Allin for unreasonable reasons, he is going to return everything we lost.
The present Emperor.”

Even Mei, who was never surprised by anything, froze and became a mute.


It was Gael’s exclamation that broke the silence.

“If it’s Alin, it’s the capital, right? Wow, Gael is really looking forward to it! I heard that Alin is a wonderful city!”

The blue eyes were filled with anticipation.

“Gael, we will stay here forever.”

Mother carefully reminded Gael, but my sister’s face quickly turned cloudy.

“Why? Lara used to brag that she had been to Alin.
Can’t we go too?”

Everyone was silent.

“She said that there was a very large castle and there were many people.
It’s several times more than Varen’s, no hundreds of times.”

“Well, Gael.
Our home is Varen, so we’ll always be in Varen.
Let’s go later to Alin, very later.”

I felt Mother staring at me.
It’s obvious that she was worried about me getting stressed when we go to Allin.

Ever since I was informed that we would be exiled to Varen, my parents were worried about me.
They didn’t leave me alone for a moment, wondering if I might have a bad feeling.

I remember Mother was quite fond of Alin, too.

“I can’t go… ?”

Gael was obedient to Mother, but her blue eyes were filled with tears, showing how much she wanted to go to Alin.

“Lara bought something delicious that they sold at Alin and boasted about it.
They also sell pretty ribbons.
She said there were a lot of strange things.”

“No, Gael.”

Eventually Mother frowned and Father agreed with her by staying quiet.

“Why? Huh? Mom, I want to go too.
Can’t I go for a while?”

My sister, now only 14, cried because she didn’t know why our family had to come to Varen, and in the end Mother made a rare look.



Unable to stand it, I opened my mouth.

“Let’s go.”


“Being called is a good thing.
They will give Hardland the wealth and glory that we should have.
So let’s go.”

“Wow, are we going to Alin?”

If it was not for me, this lovely child would be treated as the most precious in the Empire and would have had tens of thousands of pretty ribbons.

I had no other option if my sister, whom I had stolen everything from, wanted to go to Alin.

“Yes, Gael.
We’re going to Alin.”

“Wow, how exciting!”

Gael ran up to me and hugged me.
I stroked the small child’s head that came only to my chest.

Mother and Father seemed at a loss on what to say.

“Then, I’ll go and tell Ber the good news.”

“Euel, can you tell him about that later?”

“No, I think I should tell him now.
I can’t stand it because I’m so happy.”

For someone so happy, I could assure that my face was actually very contorted.
In Father’s eyes, I must have a stupid expression that looked like I was about to cry.

“I will go!”

After a few gentle pats on Gael’s back, I hurriedly ran out of the house.


I heard a voice calling me from behind, but I didn’t stop.


“… What is with you?”

Seeing me who came suddenly, Ber grimaced.

“Hey, no matter how it is, you will freeze to death?”

It was only after listening to his words that I was able to confirm my appearance.

I wasn’t wearing my favorite furry poncho, nor was I wearing gloves, so my face and even my fingers were frozen blue.

“Tsk, tsk.”

Ver grabbed the back of my neck and dragged me to the fireplace.

“Warm yourself up”

I sat on the sofa he had brought me, covered me with a blanket, and with my teeth grinding, I drank the hot tea.

“I’m going to sleep here.”

“Do whatever you want.”

Ber showed that he didn’t care.
I spoke more abruptly than the flames that flailed and burned for a while.

“I’m going to Alin.”


“The emperor called.
But I don’t want to go.”

“If you don’t want to go, don’t go.”

If I’m thinking only about myself, it’s right not to go.

However, my sister, who lost everything she should have, and my father, who had the power to even drop birds*, but became a mere ordinary man.
He was delighted to say that he was quite experienced in farming now.

And Mother who looked at me and worried about me.
She can’t even grow her favorite plants in this cold place.

Mother circled around me as if she didn’t care about Gael.
Father wasn’t quite as much as Mother, but it seemed certain that he prioritized me over Gael.

“No, I have to go.”

“You have to go? There is nothing in the world that you have to do for others.”

Ber has prepared a meal, and he motions for me to eat it.

“It’s my fault, so I’ll have to fix it.”

When I put the hot food in my mouth, my body felt warmer.
It feels like my head, which had just froze, is returning properly.

“You said you were friends with the present emperor.
Wouldn’t it be better to go to Allin then?”

“I don’t know.
It’s not a good place to go, and it’s already been a year since he became emperor.”

“What, are you angry that he didn’t call you earlier?”

“It’s not like that…… !”

Seeing Ber smiling brightly, I closed my mouth tightly in anger.
Perhaps it was because I had been keeping it alone for so long, I had to take a deep breath to calm my jagged feelings.

I was able to open my mouth only after slowly reflecting on my feelings.

“I don’t know.
I thought he would call me as soon as he became emperor.”

Because it’s Tess.
The childhood friend who will never forget me.

Surprisingly, I trusted him.
Or trusted that child’s affection for me.

Even so, I refused the heart he gave to me

“I will go.”

“I’ll lend you some clothes, so wear them.”

When I finished eating dinner and said I will return, Ber gave off his fur coat and sent me off.

“I’ll bring it to you before I leave.”

Do whatever you want, he replied, leaning against the door, beckoning me to go.

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