My friend the Emperor muttered in a very bored tone.
The voice was quite loud, so it was close to asking everyone to hear it.

“Does Xuen not know their place, or is it only Xuen’s third?”

“Xuen is always trying to repay Your Majesty’s kindness.
There is no need for Xuen to go against Your Majesty’s wishes.”

Aurin said.
The meaning was simple.
It was ‘I’m abandoning Lili Xuen.’


Tess responded with an amused expression, raised the glass and handed it to me.

“Now then, let’s enjoy Duchess Lantia’s party.”

Again, I realized that my friend has changed a lot.

Tess turned his head towards me, perhaps feeling my gaze, and smiled with his red lips pulled up.

“Why, Euseniel? The death penalty will not stop this time.”

“Yes, I won’t stop you.”

Worried about Aurin, I glanced at her, and she seemed unconcerned.
Rather, Ethyl’s face next to her dimmed.

“Hey, sister.”

Gael came to my side and held my hand tightly.


“What, what just happened?”

Gael must have wondered what was going on when Lili Xuen, who was bowing down was dragged away.
I couldn’t say that I would take her life for daring to fight against me, so I made it as gentle as possible.

“Yes, she will be punished for not being polite to the Emperor.”


As Tess tried to intervene, I held his hand tightly.
He gave a groan, but I pretended not to hear it.

“By the way, Gael, you wanted to come to the party, didn’t you? What do you want to do?”

“Me? To look at the flowers over there! There are a lot of flowers that I haven’t seen in the house!”

Gael’s eyes widened when she saw the flower.
She raised her finger and pointed at the colorful flowers that Duchess Lantia seemed to like.

It was a very different sight from our mansion, which had been touched by Mother, who loved simple things.

“Okay, Sister will be around here, so go.”


Gael ran to the flower field, followed by her partner, the knight.

Looking at the backs of the two, I sneakily checked to see if there was an empty place.
I was tired of not being able to see her openly.

“Your Majesty, go and say hello to your subjects.
I will be resting.”

“I’m sticking with Euseniel.”

Perhaps not wanting to miss this opportunity, Tess held my hand and smiled.

From the slightly open mouth, I could see the red tongue sticking out and licking his lips.

I think I have brought the devil with me to show off?

“Partners stick together.”

After he finished, Tess tilted his head to me and kissed my head softly.

“Hey, you crazystupidbastard.”

While in Varen, my wild mouth ran wild, but Tess didn’t move.
What I say doesn’t matter.

“Euseniel, you still have a lot of kisses left.”


I brushed off Tess’ hand while gnashing my teeth.

“If you follow me, I will end you.”

“I think it would be ecstatic to die at Euseniel’s hand.”

Feeling a sudden headache, I quickly left the place.
I heard Tess’ refreshing laugh behind my back.
Tenacious gazes followed me, but I ignored them and headed for a flower field in a different direction than Gael had gone.

“Oh, there was someone.”

In a corner of the secluded garden stood a man with shaggy hair. Excuse me, I tried to move away, but I turned around again.

“By any chance, are you Dr.
Weathering Blest, a magical storm researcher?”

“…… do you know me?”

“Of course.”

My God, I never thought I’d meet the legendary scholar I’ve only heard about during my project here.

A scholar of unknown identity and affiliation.

I was very fortunate to see an article interviewing him in the Imperial Library.
There was a picture of a man who looked exactly like this man.

“Hello, I am Euseniel of Hardland.
I was impressed by your thesis.”

Weathering Blest.
High-ranking wizard and scholar.

But I had been told he was an eccentric who prided himself more on being a scholar than a wizard, so I chose my words carefully.

“My thesis isn’t something a lady would read?”

“I am attending the Consium.
I also participated in Professor Study’s project.”

Perhaps he finally understood the introduction of my education, the man nodded his head and swept back his shaggy hair.

“I am Weathering Blest.
I am staying at Duchy Lantia.
And now I remembered, if you are Hardland’s Euseniel, you are the genius of the century, right?”

“That’s during my childhood when I didn’t know anything, and now I’m just a normal student.”

“Still, if you had participated in Professor Study’s research, I don’t think that would be bluffing.
Hmm, what part of my research left an impression on you?”

This is a great opportunity.
To meet this person who is unknown and cannot be found.
I chose to breathe in order not to express my excitement.

I have to make a good impression early on.

“I remember the claim that magical storms are related to the dwellings of other races.”



“I know it would be rude to dig into the secrets in the Northern Empire, where many races coexist, but I couldn’t help but be interested.”

I did not avoid the gaze of the young scholar who was keeping his eyes on me.

“In the Temple of Light that enshrines the god Lux, it is said that monsters are the remnants of darkness between the light and darkness that when this world was opened in the beginning.
However, from a scholar’s point of view, they are just other races living in another dimension, such as fairies and dragons.”

“You have views similar to mine.”

“It is an honor.”

“Yes, I am curious about the dimension in which those other races live.
Whatever principle the dimensions are connected to, I am convinced that the link is related to the magic storm.”

I seemed to be able to find a clue that I couldn’t find even after diligently looking for it when I was young.

“Even the convergence of magic.
One of the precursors to a magical storm is magical condensation, right? If you look at the commonality of various areas where magical powers converge, monsters often appear.”

“Yes, that’s right.
We don’t know how the monsters appear on the continent, but if you focus on areas where magical energy is concentrated, you can effectively block them!”

The excited scholar raised his voice.

“I think so too.”

Of course, I’m more interested in going to a completely different dimension than the dimension where monsters live.

i think the author exhausted their naming abilities after coining Euseniel and Tessvalun haha.
and gave minimal effort to the other characters: we have a baker called Baker; a storm researcher called Weathering; and an academic professor called Study.

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