The neat Dr.
Blest looked much younger than expected.
Probably late 20’s or early 30’s.
He could be mistaken as Duke Lantia himself.

“When I said I wasn’t courting the lady, my cousin said it was against etiquette.
So I had no choice but to wait for Lady to contact me.”

“From now on, feel free to contact me.
Or you can leave a message in the Concium.”

“It’s not like I didn’t consider the Concium, but I thought it would be noisy.”

Seeing Dr.
Blest shrugged his shoulders, I nodded.

Since this famous researcher and wizard is the subject whom many scholars want to meet, it was clear that it would become a mess if his place of residence was revealed.

“Oh, is the platinum-haired girl over there Lady’s sister? So, Hardland’s second lady?”

“Yes, her name is Ganiel.”

She’s very noticeable.”

My sister is indeed very pretty and cute.
Blest giggled as I held my head up in pride.

“By the way, when will Lady be free?”

“Except for class days and weekends, I’m fine.
What about you, Doctor?”

“I am always free.
Then where would you like to meet? I don’t think it will be in Lantia.
I think my cousin would faint if he saw the princess.”

He guessed from my circumstances.

“In Hardland, I think it’s a similar situation? A visit from a strange man is certainly something to be concerned about.”

Unlike his shaggy appearance last time, Dr.
Blest definitely seems to have learned the manners of a nobleman.

When a man and a woman of marriageable age, or the equivalent age, show their opposite sex to their parents or to call them home means that it was the final stage.

Marriage tends to suit the circumstances of the family, but dating is a trend these days.
In this situation, calling a member of the opposite sex to one’s home meant to announce that marriage was considered.
So there was plenty of room for misunderstanding.

“It certainly is.
Shall I see you downtown then? These days, cafes with partitions are in vogue.”

I suggested it after recalling the time I went with students working on the same project at the Concium.

“I have been there too.
If it’s there, we don’t have to worry too much about the eyes.
That’s good for me.
I will tell you the titles of some papers, so please read them.”

I laughed because I felt like a student receiving an assignment.

As I was arranging the exact time and place with Dr.
Blest, someone suddenly intervened.

“Lady Hardland.”

“Duke Liesl.”

“It’s been a while.”

“Yes, how have you been?”


I’m sure you’ve been fine.
After agreeing to kick our family out of the capital.

I was gnashing my teeth, but outside, I smiled faintly at Duke Liesl.

“If I had known that Lady would come, I would have made Regan come instead.
If it were that child, he would have been a good match for the Lady.
Oh, Regan is the second.
Do you remember?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him.”

Liesl’s children were different in age from me, so I had never run into them at a party when I was younger.
Duke Liesl was also a rarely seen man, so it was funny how he pretended to be friendly now.

“Aha, that’s right.
I should introduce him to you next time.

“Is everyone here?”

People gathered around me as if Duke Liesl’s intervention had opened the door for them.

“Lady, long time no see.”

“I am-”

“Nice to meet you-”

Blest, who was next to me, was pushed back by the rush of people.
No one seemed to know who he was.


As I tried to call him, the doctor winked at me and shook his head.
It seemed like he didn’t want to bother me.

“Lady Hardland, there is a party in my family next week.”

“In my family too.
It would be an honor if the Lady could attend.”

People graciously smiled and revealed their purpose.
To them, Duke Liesl became an afterthought.



My younger sister, who was talking with her peers, ran over.
Naturally, people gave way and my sister came into my arms.

“Oh, Hardland’s second Lady is very lively.”

“Hoho, she is.”

No one criticized Gael for running in a dress.
I don’t know how they will act from behind, but at least everyone looks friendly from the front.

Now I know clearly.

The king of the middle nobles may be Xuen or some other family, but the upper nobles are trying to be friendly with Hardland.

“Gael, what’s wrong?”

Perhaps feeling the eyes of the many people unfamiliar, my younger sister hesitated while looking at my eyes and could not speak.

“My sister seems a little tired.
Excuse me first.”

“Please rest well.”

“See you next time.”

People kindly said goodbye and Gael and I left.

“Gael, what do you want to talk about?”

“The ribbon Sister gave me as a gift is pretty.
So the kids asked me to come over to their house.”

Gael talked about what had happened.

Gael was still young even though she should be attending the debutante soon.
She didn’t know how to hide her feelings, and she couldn’t accept that people were different on the outside and on the inside.

Fortunately, the prestige of our family seems pretty good.

And if someone scares Gael, you must tell Sister.


The children’s meeting for family friendship achieved its purpose today.
I’ve confirmed my position and people have set a stage to be in a relationship with me.

Nothing has changed here since before I left.
I twisted my lips.

* * *

And still I’m busy.

“Take this to Count Guard.”

It didn’t seem polite to put too much into greeting the person who was my mentor, even if it was briefly.
After sending a letter asking how he was doing, the Count replied that he would see me at the imperial palace.

He said that he had recently gained the rank of Count and was living in the imperial palace and looking after the knights.

And he asked if I had been continuing to learn swordsmanship, he said about sparring with the Emperor.


“Tess’ palm…….”

It was obviously soft, but he also learned swordsmanship?

I expected that he would have learned self-defense because there was no superfluity in his movements, but swordsmanship?

Well, since he could even teleport now, it might not be strange.

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